What an achievement, despite an uncooperative Congress!

Dear Editor,
There have been times over the last seven years when the hope-and-change song that propelled Barack Obama to the presidency seemed like a cruel fiction. Yet despite taking the reins of a war-weary nation in the midst of an economic disaster and having to endure the unrelenting hostility of a stubborn opposition party, President Obama has wrought enormous changes during what has been the most transformational presidency in eighty years.
He has executed far-reaching reforms in a dysfunctional health-care system, raised school academic standards, legislated pay parity for women, transformed the way we produce energy through harnessing renewable resources, fought back against global warming, taken on the widespread childhood obesity with his First Lady, provided deportation relief to young immigrants, made legal same-sex marriage and opened new opportunities for women in the military.
In addition, President Obama saved the United States auto industry, has added nearly four million jobs, reduced unemployment to five per cent and the deficit by two/thirds to a tiny two point five per cent of GDP, engineered democratic tax reforms and removed the most usurious of credit card abuses, while today the United States is a country of relative calm amid the global financial crisis.
He also took out Osama bin Laden, isolated President Vladimir Putin, normalised relations with Cuba, steadied relations with Iran and also ended the war in Iraq.
What an achievement, despite an uncooperative Congress!

Yours faithfully,
Rooplall Dudhnath