When it rains …it drowns in Guyana

When you cut to the chase, it really hasn’t stopped raining since last November. Yet your Eyewitness had learnt by rote in school: “Guyana has two rainy seasons – May-June and December-January”. But he gotta admit he learnt that many, MANY moons ago!! And since then, his eyes have been opened up to this thing called “Climate Change”. And rainfall in general being part of the “climate”, he isn’t surprised that its pattern and intensity have changed. Not only here, but across the world. Some get more rain – like us – and some get less – like California. In one instance, the rain in Canada was described like falling like “a river” as it poured millions of gallons of water in a few hours. Can you imagine the devastation caused?
And isn’t this what the 26 COPS were all about – to plan on how we’ll be dealing with these changes? So what are we to do about this flooding here –- where we live in a trench with a sea wall on the north and a back-dam seven miles to the south? Well, none of this is new, is it? The Dutch, who carved out this coast from the mangrove swamps, understood that living here was always going to be tricky. They’d done this before in their native Holland. And it’s because of their experience, they mandated and built their homes on “posts” or “blocks” at least 4’ high – but more generally ten feet up.
Then they ALWAYS kept the network of drains, canals, kokers, etc, clear of garbage and debris. Folks couldn’t throw their garbage into their drains, but “garbage heaps” that were periodically burnt. But we don’t have to go that far back, do we? How about the “Great Flood” of 2005?? Didn’t we learn anything then? Weren’t there new regulations issued about houses to be built at least 4’ ABOVE the ground? About keeping drains free of garbage – especially all those Styrofoam cups and plates? And weren’t the NDCs supposed to be using some of those rates and taxes they collect to keep those drains clean??
But the problem – like everything else in Guyana – is that the moment a crisis is over, we revert to the same ole, same ole! Like when we gripe about politicians not changing, think about the fact that like with our drains, we don’t clean them out regularly!! But seriously folks, shouldn’t we take some responsibility for taking care of our living environment so that we don’t have to be living in flooded filth??
But looking at the immediate future, the Government has to get serious about enforcing the building code and regulations on drainage.
And get cracking on Silica City!!

…it pours for the PNC
First, there was Comrade Leader (Brigadier rtd) Granger retreating to his Bunker at Pearl, after the plan to imitate his hero Burnham and rig the elections failed ignominiously. All he got for his pains was a new title – “Sanctimonious Gangster”. Then came the attempt to put a brave face to the harsh fact that a new leader had to be found since no one trusted his choice!! Elections at Congress was it!! But this would unleash an element of uncertainty on a party that always depended on “fixing” these matters!! So, we had delays allegedly for COVID and now for “logistical” challenges!!
But with self-interest inevitably rising like do-do to the top, some had to hit the fan!! All of which is sure to damage the image of the party they’ve been desperately seeking to clean up! Three worthies from the Ex-Co had to be removed from the Accreditation Committee.
They couldn’t be trusted not to cook the books for their “godfathers”!!

…off comes the gloves!
And with the extra week, the hammer keeps falling. A top professional and PNC supporter just backed the corruption charges against Jordan – and blamed Harmon also for the wharf giveaway!
What’s next? A confession on the “Mingoing”!?