When should LGE be held?

Dear Editor,
At a recent meeting of the Opposition Leader, he was overhead making certain remarks which really amount to an issuance of threats to the present Government if taken in its truest context. He was at the time speaking to his constituents in Region 10.
Now, his problem stems from the fact that Local Government Elections LGE is constitutionally due in 2021 and from his perspective, the Irfaan Ali Government is not going to hold those elections, so as a natural reaction to such an event ever taking place, there will be violent resistance from the Opposition.
He contended that the PPP/C Government is dragging its feet on matters involving LGE, which according to him leads to a dictatorship in the making. He further explained that the PPP/C Government has been breaking the law since taking office and for this cause, there will be robust resistance from his party to the PPP/C Government.
Well, I do not know if Harmon is suffering from dementia or just the plain fact that he sorely misses power, when he could have done whatever he pleases, but here we have a man who is the architect of lawbreaking and a symbol of deceit. Harmon, and by extension the party he serves, have disregarded every known law there is in this country.
I view this from the time of the No-Confidence Motion and the fall of his Government, to the five-month standoff in the courts holding up an entire country due to their stubborn actions to rig the election, if this is not breaking the law then what is? The PNC-led coalition has shown total contempt for all things legal.
So, Mr Harmon is in no position to speak on anything involving the law because his party broke every law there is in the Guyana Constitution, so to now turn again speaking as though he is paying strict adherence to the law comes over as very poor on his part and makes him out to be a shameless hypocrite.
Secondly, on the issuing of threats, I must tell Mr Harmon that the PPP/C Government is not working under any threat or under the dictates of the Opposition for that matter – the PPP/C works under the dictates of the law and that’s how it is going to be.
As it stands, there are numerous court cases involving the corrupt practices of some of the top brass of GECOM and these have to be dealt with before we can move safely and successfully forward on the electoral front.
There is also the sanitation of the electoral list – the House-to-House Registration exercise – something himself and party have strongly advocated, so in true legal terms, I cannot see a LGE coming in less than two years. I rest my case

Neil  Adams