When will Guyana have a normal Opposition?

Dear Editor,
I shall preface my remarks by asking the following questions: When will Guyana be afforded the opportunity of having a proper Opposition? Or when will we be afforded the opportunity of having a normal, rational, and responsible Opposition? These questions I put to my readers as I go into what I have to say this morning.
Normal, rational beings are expected to act in a certain way, especially when they are placed in the privileged position of representing the people of a country. This is not coming from the main Opposition PNC, something they were engaged in while in Government, and even greater still now that they are in the Opposition. It is most repugnant to see the way this group of individuals behave, they oppose every conceivable bill brought by the Government, even the shameful display of grabbing the Mace. They are operating as one big terror fabulous, ghetto-style clique, who would do anything to get their point across.
I guess they are still suffering from the pangs of March 2020, when they lost the general elections despite that valiant attempt at rigging. But that is something they would have to measure up to in the present, and I would certainly say would be their stark reality in the foreseeable future.
Because no one in his or her right mind would accept that kind of behaviour from their elected officials.
Now, the sordid display as they made the rush for the Mace surrounds the passage of The NRF Bill. Their action was to force the hand of Parliament that the Bill could not be passed. That did not succeed, hence the recourse to the court, to see if their lunacy could be upheld. But that would be defeated also.
Now, if you examine their actions carefully, you would see that they are really standing in the way of progress and development. You cannot convince me that a set of individuals who, when in Government could not account for our first oil money, would now turn again to deny us what is rightfully ours? This does not make any sense, and defies basic logical thinking. We would like to be candid and transparent with the present administration as to the spending of our sovereign wealth, so anyone or anything that would hinder that process we readily condemn.
It goes even further when you see their action now that a board that would oversee oil spending has been set up. The main Opposition PNC are up in arms in the choices the Government have made. Isn’t this total madness? Isn’t this the epitome of lawlessness? It must be noted that the Government have no qualms with the choices the PNC have made, and are willing to work with them; however, they are condemning our choices, even to the point of trying to direct the affairs of the board. It behooves us to question whether Guyana is a real place.
Could someone please advise the Opposition that they are not the Government? It would go a far way in helping them to get to the place where they might make a conscious effort to become normal!

Neil Adams