When will …Mad Maduro stop?

Once again, we’ve been informed that Mad Maduro hasn’t only moved troops to our border, but is actually building a bridge over the Cuyuni to Ankoko Island – half of which is ours, but which Venezuela seized and occupied since 1966!! Yes…the same year we became “independent”, we lost half of our Ankoko to the Venezuela Bully. Venezuela then had a “bourgeois” government, and was an ally of the US, so we should be reminded that when it comes to their claim on our territory, there’s NO opposition!! Every Venezuelan man, woman and child has been indoctrinated, over the last hundred years, that they “wuz robbed” by Britain of THEIR Essequibo birthright!!
Your Eyewitness has been warning for years that our political directorate gotta take the threat from the mad man on the west seriously, even more than the threat from a blind man. “When a blind man tells you he gon pelt you, he done gat brick in ‘e hand”. True-true story. And it’s worse than the story about the elephant and the tent. Remember that one? The elephant asked the fella if he could rest his trunk in the latter’s tent during a rainstorm, and before the kind man who agrees could catch his breath, the elephant’s in the tent, and he’s outside getting soaked. In that case, at least the elephant said, “Please, pretty please!” for starters – but with the Venezies, they’ve made no secret from the beginning that they want us OUT from what they claim is THEIR tent!!
What’s our excuse for even giving an ear to his blandishments – like at Argyle with his ally Ralph “Razor Blade” Gonzalves? Don’t we know that he’s already bought them over with his Petrocaribe subsidy? Every turn Mad Maduro makes, we see Gonsalves at his beck and call. The latest betrayal came just a couple days ago, when the Mad Maduro-led “Group of Friends in Defense of the United Nations Charter” met in Caracas. Can you believe that eighteen countries – including St Vincent, Russia, China N Korea etc – are supposedly “defending multilateralism and confronting violations of international law – including the application of unilateral coercive measures.”
Here’s a man who’s refused to accept the UN Secty General – following the Geneva Agreement which they signed with us – sending his border controversy to the ICJ – and HE’S defending the UN Charter?? And Ralphie Boy was there “foot to foot” cheering Mad Maduro on!! There’s an old saying, “Show us your friends and we’ll know who you are”, and Ralphie Boy has shown his true colours again and again. As for Mad Maduro, as your Eyewitness pointed out, his colours were never hidden.
It’s time we show him that we’re not gonna be playing his game!!

…Marxism-Leninism die?
And the debate about the import of the PPP “white-outing” Marxism-Leninism and Socialism from their constitution goes on. Recently, we had a missive for a former Gen Secty of the PPP – and a President to boot – weighing in. Now, your Eyewitness isn’t so concerned about which side would “win” – for politics ain’t no debating club!! – but the fact that it’s kosher to debate!! For this is what “pluralism” is all about – that opinions don’t just have to be many – they SHOULD be many!!
And out of the many opinions, will come a widening of vision by our leaders, and better plans and programmes for our country’s development. This is what it’s all about: not just the debate, but the practice that comes out of the debate. The problem isn’t even if folks like the ex-president use Marxist tools in their analysis – it’s when they assume that what comes out of their analysis MUST be true!!
Going forward, whatever delivers the results we want will have to be accepted as “true”!!

…we learn?
Your Eyewitness was intrigued by the news item that Jose Awad – convicted for “breaking and entering” – escaped from the Lusignan Prison. Didn’t the authorities realise that who breaks in can break out?