Where is the APNU/AFC?

Dear Editor,
As we very slowly but surely approach this much anticipated and unique general and regional election, something is strikingly odd. Where is the APNU/AFC?
We are in election mode and the contemporary PPP Administration is very up-to-date with information. There are interviews and press conferences very regularly on TV. They are also releasing these interviews moments after airing on YouTube and on other popular social medial platforms. I am not the biggest fan of social media, but it is the way of the world now especially for young people. It is a very important tool to get your message out to the masses effectively, cheaply and efficiently.
At the time of penning this letter there was an interview “Discussion on issues of concern to young people with Ifraan Ali” – September 8, 2019, which was posted on their YouTube channel mere hours ago. There are also poster boards and outreaches around the country with information on the PPP’s manifesto. We know exactly what is going on with the Opposition quite amply.
Just for the heck of it, I decided to concentrate objectively on the Government for a change to get a better insight and perspective of their program and agenda for the country in order to be fair minded, so I thought I would spend some time and search around for information. No luck finding anything recent there at all! The last uploaded video on their channel on YouTube; “Public Health Minister Volda Lawrence, visits the new building site of the Port Kaituma Hospital” was published on April 15, 2017 – more than two years ago! I don’t have a Facebook account so I really can’t say what is there, but I am sure nothing of recent significance because these platforms reflect each other in some way or another and information is usually posted simultaneously by subscribers.
Even GECOM and other public offices which the government has involvement in are very obscure. This is not transparent or democratic at all, because the citizens have a right to know what is going on in the government at some level.
So, what is the reason for this disappearance? Your guess is as good as mine. There is a stark difference however, between now and when the parties campaigned in 2015. I firmly believe that Mr. Bharrat Jagdeo answered it correctly when he said that they are terrified of the mere word “election” they become ghastly pale and silent when that word is uttered within hearing distance.
Mr Granger seems to be long gone somewhere, so ill-at-ease spokesman Joseph Harmon pokes his head out uncomfortably from behind a podium for a few moments now and then, mutters something and retracts back just as quickly into the shadows. A shameful and cowardly bunch of people, resorting now to low racially motivated “whisper campaigns” and other obstructive behavior designed to stall the election process.
Mr Jagdeo and his team is always trying to point out most kindly and respectfully to them that this “old fashioned” analog style of rigging elections that was effective in the old Burnamite/PNC days – cannot work in these modern digital times where people are more educated and information is available at a moment-by-moment basis by almost everyone now.
If Mr Granger has an iota of residual decency hidden somewhere, he would bite the bullet and call elections, get it over with quickly and face the inevitable consequences. It is the only decent thing left for him to do…because he and his “fossil” administration are only days away now from being totally non-existent.

Shane Lindie