Wilful ignorance

Dear Editor,
Once again, APNU/AFC representatives are engaging in a game of ‘willful ignorance’; last year May it was the majority of 65, presently there is a daily dose of ‘migrant’ votes. APNU/AFC agents are currently objecting to names on the Official List of Electors to have negative ‘observations’ noted for every ballot box examined.
On Christmas Eve 2018, Nigel Hughes posited that 34 constituted a majority and not 33 as previously accepted by mathematicians; after that day, APNU/AFC leaders discarded their pride and have embraced the image of themselves as a collective of idiotic clowns and have never stopped since. Is it that none of these ‘leaders’ has ever worked in the trenches of activism as a polling agent? For their ignorance is so well feigned it appears all too real.
Anyone who has worked in a Polling Station will know that ‘dead’ people cannot vote, there is a folio with detailed information on each person on the OLE including a picture. Should someone get past this hurdle, there is the inked finger riddle; if Tom votes for the deceased Jack, Tom’s finger is inked during the process, who then votes for Tom? One man, one vote, why waste it impersonating a dead Jack and thereby risking imprisonment when you can cast your legitimate vote? APNU/AFC logic defies me so often that I have given up on attempting a deciphering of the code. Migrants come back home to vote, that is a fact and well within Guyana’s laws – should Ramlall be in New York and cousin Seelall chooses to vote for him, see the inked finger riddle above. A polling day is usually 16-18 hours and people get sloppy with counting which typically begins 14 hours after the day began, the same happens during the packing of the box with counterfoils, stamps, votes, signs and used OLE’s after the period of concentration for counting ballots ends. Polling Stations are manned by humans and voting is not yet electronic, until such time, a signature may be absent from a form, there may be uncrossed T’s and un-dotted I’s, but the ballots are usually counted and stored as sacred.
The recount procedures allowed for by the Representation of the People Act have proved adequate as it has already exposed the fraudulent actions of Clairmont Mingo, Returning Officer for District Four, and provides for charges, prosecution, and imprisonment if found guilty by a court of law. That ‘irregularity’ seems to be overlooked by APNU/AFC as it is never mentioned.
In the meanwhile, APNU/AFC agents are making objections which are being marked down earnestly by GECOM staff; in one instance (Box 3038) Ms Coretta McDonald objected to voters’ numbers 273, 275, 277 and 334, when informed that the station only had 257 voters on its OLE, Ms Mc Donald refused to sign the SoR. These and similar ‘objections’ form the basis for an APNU/AFC statement alleging widespread irregularities. It is an exercise in deception with the sole intention of convincing the persons who voted for APNU/AFC that they were disenfranchised. They believe that people who willingly believed that 33 was not the majority of 65, will believe anything they are fed. The epigram ‘mek yuhself grass and jackass will eat yuh’ springs to mind.
On the 11th May 2015, there was an election, five days later, on the 16th, David Granger was sworn in as the 9th President of Guyana; his refusal to accept his loss in 2020 has Guyanese pandering to his willful ignorance of the results in a bid for a peaceful transition of Administration 70 days later. As Granger’s intransigence hardens, it is clear that Granger has no care for the future of neither his party nor the country; it is also obvious he never learned the Guyanese lessons that ‘every rope has an end’ and ‘hard ears will feel’.

Robin Singh