Woman who stabbed pensioner sent for mental evaluation

The woman who allegedly stabbed her lover, 67-year-old Collin Heiliger in New Amsterdam, Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne) was sent to the National Psychiatric Hospital for a mental evaluation.

Injured: Collin Heiliger

This was confirmed by Regional Commander Jairam Ramlakhan, who stated that the 43-year-old woman was taken to the medical institution after she was arrested.
It was reported that on Monday, Heiliger was stabbed to his abdomen at his Pilot Street home during an argument with the woman.
On the day in question, the woman reportedly turned up at his home, but shortly after, he exited the house and ran to a neighbour with stab wounds to his abdomen.
The woman was later seen washing blood off of the floor near the front door.
After doing so, she went to the injured man’s father and took breakfast for him. There, she reportedly told the man that she had stabbed his son.
The woman was subsequently arrested when she turned up at the New Amsterdam Hospital, where Heiliger was admitted in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).
According to the Commander, investigators were on Thursday able to get a statement from the suspect while the injured man remained hospitalised. His condition is listed as stable.