Workplace incidents

Dear Editor,
Two recent workplace incidents are worthy of comment. In the first incident, it has to be queried why was it not recognised cash on hand was vast and the need for the security agency to clear before the scheduled time? To have millions of dollars on hand at that time of night was reckless and a security/safety hazard.
It is hoped all who suffered during this terrible ordeal will overcome soon enough.
The second incident highlighted another workplace death, where a tyre exploded, killing a labourer.
From the report, it was stated the labourer was “airing up a skidder tyre. He was using an air compressor from a motor lorry when the tyre exploded”. It has to be wondered just how skilled, experienced and knowledgeable the labourer was to undertake and execute this task?
My condolences to the grieving family.

Shamshun Mohamed