Workshop launched to increase computer education among women

Trifinity Solutions Inc (TSI), a local technology firm, recently launched its inaugural “Project Code-HER” workshop, geared toward increasing access to computer coding education among young women in Guyana.
The three-day workshop “Project Code-HER”, seeks to improve training, skill development, and access to digital education in Guyana for women and girls between the ages of 12-25.

Project Manager Samantha Sheoprashad

The project will focus on the development of the digital literacy of women and girls by teaching them how to code and build software. The workshop will be conducted on July 2, 3 and 9 with the option for both in-person and virtual learning.
Project Manager and former Queens Young Leader, Samantha Sheoprashad said that the workshop will give participants the opportunity to explore a marketable skill, in our fast-paced technologically advanced world.
She explained that “It is also an opportunity for young girls and women to be exposed to a field that is not traditionally seen as a field for women like most tech fields, women and underrepresented. Trifinity Solutions works to promote coding as a skill that can provide a livelihood for young people and so training has always been one of our core activities. One of the biggest challenges is to eliminate gender-based discrimination in access to resources and opportunities and to promote a supportive family and community environment for our women.”
The workshop is being supported by the Commonwealth of Learning (COL) whose work focuses on empowering “people through learning that leads to economic growth, social inclusion, and environmental conservation.”
This ties hand in hand with TSI’s mission, which is to bring together a community of creators through collaboration, to spark innovation while expanding sustained digital wealth.
In encouraging girls to sign up for this workshop, Sheoprashad also spoke about women being under-represented in the tech field. Participating in this workshop is more than just getting a certificate at the end, it is about gender equality and the role women can potentially play in sustainable technological solutions to global issues.
“In my years of attending university, I was one of the second girls to sit in a class of 28 boys. It was also difficult for me to find employment. The reason we encourage girls into coding is not just about feminism or equality, it’s not just about fairness or a ‘level playing field’, and it’s not just about breaking glass ceilings and filling quotas. It’s far more important than that. It’s about solving problems for the future of our world and driving sustainable development. It’s the combination of this diversity, facilitated through inclusivity, that leads to the ability to solve problems in new and sustainable ways,” she said.
Registration is free and open to young women aged 12-25. They can access the registration form here or email [email protected] for more information. Trifinity Solutions Inc is particularly encouraging young women from outside of Georgetown, who have digital devices with internet access to also register as this introductory course can help them improve digital connectivity in their respective communities.
Code-HER’s organising team consists of a collective of young technology, gender, and youth development specialists working towards improving the quality of life for all Guyanese.