WPO endorses Irfaan Ali as presidential candidate

Dear Editor,
The Women’s Progressive Organisation (WPO) would like to congratulate Comrade Irfaan Ali on his selection as presidential candidate to lead the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) to victory at the next General and Regional Elections.
Irfaan Ali has more than 20 years of association with the PPP, having joined the Progressive Youth Organisation as a young man. He served the Party in different capacities and the PPP/C Government as Minister of Housing and Water/Trade and Tourism. Under his stewardship, Guyana achieved the Millennium Development Goals of providing potable water to more than 80 per cent of our people across the country. Further, Guyana reached the target of providing more than 100,000 families with house lots and turn-key houses through the creation of several new housing schemes.
Irfaan Ali hails from a rural village on the West Coast of Demerara and his roots are firmly grounded in improving the conditions and livelihood of the working people of this country; while he will no doubt encourage growth and development through the Private Sector.
The Women’s Progressive Organisation endorses Irfaan Ali’s selection as presidential candidate and pledges its support to ensure that the PPP is returned to office to address issues affecting women, children, the elderly, youths and the fired sugar workers and to make Guyana a country that is once again free from discrimination and victimisation.
WPO has no doubt that Irfaan Ali will be the kind of President who will serve all the people of Guyana and will continue to develop Guyana as his predecessors of former PPP/C Government.
Once again, congratulations and best wishes!

Women’s Progressive
Organisation (WPO)