Year of renaissance…

…or spite?
The Government had dubbed 2016 as “The Year of Renaissance”. It is clear that this lot has a twisted sense of humour. A “renaissance” is supposed to mirror the initial age that unfolded in Europe starting in Italy and spreading across the continent by the 17th century. Mankind witnessed revolutions in every facet of human endeavour – be it internally through scientific thinking that wiped out the chains of superstition from their backward Middle Ages – or externally through new modes of production, governance and art.
So, what have we taken to greater heights this past year that we may even dare to whisper “renaissance”? New modes of production? They still haven’t gotten Skeldon to function anywhere near optimum. And in fact, sugar production plummeted to its lowest point in the last quarter of a century. Rice? The poor farmers are keeping up production against all odds – but the Government abandoned them to the dogs after making absolutely no attempt to resuscitate the Venezuela market that gave them TWO TIMES THE PRICE we now get.
We won’t even get into other sections of the economy that’ve also faltered – safe to point out the gold production the Government trots out at the drop of a hat, just leaves us with five per cent royalty. And most of the foreign revenues are drained to the homes of the foreign companies! What’s more useful is to dissect the mindset of this Government that was shaped by folks who made what they call “political investments” and are now demanding their ton of flesh.
Like the Muckraker whose owner, the founder of FUCOP – Funding a United Candidate for Opposition President – only yesterday repeated his charge that the NEW GPC hadn’t paid dividends on the 10 per cent Government shares retained at privatisation. He, of course, was encouraged by that fraudster Goolsarran who repeated the libel after the “forensic audit” he claimed to’ve conducted of NICIL.
When in fact NICIL – under this regime – showed NEW GPC had shelled out billions in dividends, Goolsarran claimed he hadn’t been SHOWN those records. A forensic auditor depends only on the audited entity to show him figures?!! Has Guyana Stores EVER paid dividends on the 10 per cent shares held by Government/employees? Sorry…your Eyewitness’ bad: they haven’t even bothered to pay their purchase price to the Government!!
Anyhow, back to the “renaissance” issue. Do these jokers appreciate the billions NEW GPC has – and continues to pay – in taxes? Do they know that dividends are only paid by prudent investors AFTER ensuring there are enough funds for strategic investments – or a rainy day?
Or do they just spend whatever they make and then expect their “political investments” to deliver them from starvation?

…and vow of Volda
Volda Lawrence is the Social Protection Minister. While her colleague Amna Ally has the “Social Cohesion” portfolio, you’d expect Volda to show some sensitivities to social realities, wouldn’t you? But after the poor workers were scared off by some toughs from the Ministry of the Presidency, who but the protector of the social – Volda – shows up.
But rather than commiserating in “social solidarity”, Volda behaves big-and-bad like she just came out of the bush! Who does she think she is? “I-is” Broomes? Schuups!! She storms over to the PPP folks holding candles in their vigil to protect Red House from the depredations of that bully AG Basil Williams. He, of course, is very frustrated he couldn’t seize Clarissa Reil’s property and is not to be denied!
Anyhow, staunchly Volda vowed to remain in front of Red House for “three days’ if necessary – or until the PPP “vigilers” beat a retreat. She claimed to have walked with her chair!
Thing is…she couldn’t be seen half hour later!!?  Was discretion the better part of valour?

…and struggle
The lesson from the original Renaissance is it takes a lot of struggle to make all those changes. And it’s not done by “one-man” shows.
Not like Dr Frank’s solo petition against the Red House attack.