Yes, let us celebrate Indian Heritage Month in May

Hello Editor,
I fully support Dr Devanand Bhagwan’s suggestion to declare the month of May Indian Heritage Month.
As he pointed out, we celebrate Black History Month, and we should, considering the history of our African brothers and sisters in the country. We also celebrate Amerindian Heritage Month in September. Therefore, we should also have a month to celebrate the history of the Indians in the country.
The Indian religious and cultural organisations in the country should immediately put programmes in place to celebrate Indian history and culture for this coming month. How about the Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha, Arya Samaj mandirs, and the Indian Action Committee (IAC) immediately having programmes organised for the next few weeks?
I commend Dr Bhagwan for taking this initiative, since he is a Christian and has seen this need.

Yours sincerely,
Tulsi Ram Singh