Your and your children’s future depend on your vote

Dear Editor,
The Joint Services are about to cast their ballots later this week in what is called the “mother of all elections.” It is called the mother of all elections for the simple fact that much is at stake here; you are talking about a country that is now an oil-producing state and everyone wants to be a part of that oil wealth. It is also important to note that we have a Government that, from all indicators, is on it’s way out but sadly refuses to respect all the legal channels that are showing them the exit sign, out.
And here is where the problem lies, a party in Government that refuses to respect laws and standards or anything for that matter that spells for the smooth running of the democratic process where an election is concerned, this is criminal behaviour that must be tackled head-on before the casting of our ballots. Although they see the telltale signs before them, they are stoutly refusing to adhere to norms and standards. This is outrageous, to say the least! Right now, they are making grandiose promises to the electorate to try and bamboozle them into voting for them. but this ruse will not work and I shall highlight a few of these.
The Joint Services who go before the general populace must face the facts that this Government never cared nor have they any regard for their welfare or well-being. It is the very same Government that took away their Christmas bonuses and replaced it with the foolish “kith and kin argument” that the PPP/C Government who instituted it was bribing them to do its bidding and nothing else. Well, that couldn’t be further from the truth because if the PNC so considers the Joint Services as their “own buddies” then they should have been the ones at the forefront to take care of our Joint Services in a substantial way. Buying a few rejected helicopters to fly party officials around in grand style while I the simple joint serviceman grovel in poverty is actually telling me that the “good life” only belongs to them and not me.

Here is where reality steps glaringly in, the Joint Services have families too and mouths to feed, just like any one of us, they have mortgages with which to service as well as other finances to support their own homes. I feel the shame, I feel the hurt when those very Joint Service persons have to humiliatingly face banking institutions to refinance their loans all because of the manmade disaster caused by a visionless Government. I feel their shame and to think of it, the PNC-led coalition did nothing to alleviate their sufferings. The truth is the Joint Services have every right to a comfortable life just like anyone else and for this reason, I urge them to take a cold hard look at the situation and make that all-important decision come voting day.
Vote for the party that lifted you up and made your circumstances worth living. I must also say vote for a caring and respectful party; one who respects the rights, safety and welfare of its servicemen. You should settle for nothing less, you deserve of the best from any Government for that matter. To our servicemen, you are not lackeys or appendages for and to any party, you are professional people who in return ought to be treated with dignity and respect.
Further, we will not forget the horrible and atrocious way our Joint Services was treated when certain individuals were out on a rampage. Who were the intellectual authors behind the freedom fighter movement? Then I must ask the question who supported the criminals who massacred innocent lives in their sleep and dared the police to go into certain troubled communities? Who were the people who were heard shouting “kill the police,” when they tried to quell the marauding mob, tell me who?
I can go on to ask question after question to which only the PNC has the answers. But I must hasten to a close hereby issuing the clarion call to our brothers and sisters in the Joint Services to think wisely when you vote! Your future, as well as your children’s future, depend on it.

Neil Adams