10 Kokerite families receive keys to new homes

– 33 solar panels also distributed to residents

Residents during the handing over ceremony

Ten families at Kokerite, Region One (Barima-Waini) can now enjoy the security of comfortable homes and bid farewell to the constant risk of flooding, thanks to the Hinterland Housing Programme.
The families received the keys to their new elevated timber homes from Housing and Water Minister Collin Croal and Permanent Secretary Bishram Kuppen during a simple ceremony on Saturday.
Also present were the Regional Vice Chairperson, Annansha Peters, and Senior Hinterland and Building Works Engineer at the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA), Cy Rodrigues.

Minister Croal and PS Kuppen along with residents who received solar panels

One of the houses that were handed over on Saturday

The homes are 20×25 feet, 3-bedroom units.
Each is also equipped with a trestle and tank for rainwater harvesting and an external sanitary facility. The Hinterland Housing Programme is executed through CH&PA and stands as a testament to the Government’s commitment to addressing the housing needs of vulnerable communities.
During a flood relief exercise in Kokerite last year by Minister Croal, it was reported that some 34 families in the village living along the riverbank are flood-affected. The Minister at the time pledged to construct these homes as part of permanently relocating residents in the flood-prone areas.
The selection of the ten families in most dire need was a collaborative effort between the Village Council and residents. Materials were sourced from within the region, as well as persons to construct the homes.
The families conveyed their contentment with the homes, expressing joy at the enhanced safety of their households. Additionally, the Minister and his team also spearheaded the distribution of 33 solar panels to households in the community.