Berbice woman allegedly raped, murdered after leaving bar

– nude body found in bushes with 10 stab wounds

By Andrew Carmichael

The nude body of a woman was on Sunday discovered on a vacant plot of land at Experiment New Housing Scheme, West Coast Berbice (WCB), Region Five (Mahaica-Berbice).
The dead woman has been identified as Daniele Charles, 48, a labourer employed with NDC Drainage and Irrigation Department of Number 30 Village, WCB.
Based in reports received, the Police received reports that the body of a woman was seen in a clump of bushes at Experiment New Housing Scheme.
Upon arriving at the scene, Police found the woman’s naked body lying face up. A multi-coloured top with bloodstains, a pair three-quarter denim pants, a bra and underwear were found next to the body. The pants, bra and underwear were cut open the Police said.

Murdered: Daniele Charles

A used condom and wrapper were found next to the woman’s feet and wrapped-up tissues were found between the deceased legs.
Upon further inspection, a total of 10 stab wounds were seen on the woman’s body – six to the abdomen, one to the left side breast, two to the throat, and one to the centre of the chest.
Police say the woman is suspected to have been killed between 03:23h and 12:10h on Sunday.
Charles was reportedly seen consuming alcohol at a popular bar at Bath Settlement, WCB, with her relatives and a male and female friend. At about 20:00h on Saturday evening, the relatives left the bar, leaving Charles in the company of her friends.
Charles’ son Yeukini Joseph, told investigators that at about 03:23h on Sunday morning, his mother called him and enquired if he was okay. In response, he told her that he was fine and in turn asked her if she was okay, but the phone got disconnected.
He attempted to call her back, but the phone was turned off. The young man stated that during the telephone call, the background was quiet, which meant his mother had already left the bar.
The area in Experiment New Housing Scheme where the body was discovered only has 11 houses. Residents have expressed concern over Sunday’s brutal murder.
One such resident, Devika Adams said she was asleep in a hammock when she heard persons on a lorry raising an alarm.
“They say ‘you all come out, everybody come out’, so I looked and I see they come out of the truck and stand up. When I go, I saw a woman lying dead on the ground in the bushes.”

The cordoned off area where the body was found

Phillis Hendrix, who has been living there for one month now, remains shocked as does the rest of the small community.
“It is very hard for us to live with this after today. We have to be on the lookout from now on. This place is a new area that now opened and vehicles would be passing there day and night. We don’t know who would be passing in the night and day,” the woman said.
Another resident, Venita Parrandass, told this publication that she doesn’t feel safe in the community she recently moved into. According to the woman, she along with other members of the community have made reports to the Police, inviting them to visit the community to deal with a particular situation but they never visited. Police are continuing their investigations.
Only recently, the Guyana Police Force (GPF) reported that despite an overall reduction in serious crimes from January 1 to November 13, 2023, there has been an increased in the number of murders throughout the country.
Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum, the Force’s Deputy Commissioner – Law Enforcement, made this revelation on Wednesday during the launch of the annual Christmas Policing Plan.
The Crime Chief disclosed that a total of 133 murders were recorded so far this year compared to 108 for corresponding period in 2022.
“The number of murders in Guyana increased by 25 [to 133] in the year 2023 when compared to the previous year, which is 108. In total, male victims amounted to 69.1 per cent while 30.9 per cent of the victims were females,” he stated.
According to the Crime Chief, the Police Force is particularly concerned about the high murder rates in the country, especially as it relates to disorderly killings by persons who take the law into their own hands.
In fact, the statistics show that 64 of the murders recorded this year were disorderly in nature.
“Despite there being a reasonable decrease when compared with the previous years, it has been the most prevalent type of murder for this period,” he stated.
Blanhum further outlined that over the past five years, domestic-related murders peaked to an all-time high at 40 this year. This, the Crime Chief explained, was due largely to the May 21, 2023 Mahdia School Dormitory Fire in which 19 female students and a five-year-old boy were killed. A teenager has since been charged for these deaths.