10th Annual Car & Bike Show and After Party

Lake Mainstay Resort will be hosting its 10th annual Car and Bike Show and After Party on Saturday, April 20 at the Resort’s beach in Mainstay/Whyaka Village on the Essequibo Coast.
This year, the cars and bikes will compete in 18 categories. These include best car, best sound, best SUV/Bus, loudest sound, best bike, best classic vehicle, best super bike and the loudest sound SUV/ bus.
Registration cost $4000 and forms can be uplifted at Lake Mainstay Resort offices in Georgetown and Essequibo; Gutty’s Variety Stall – Charity; G&P Jaigobin & Sons Supermarket – Henrietta; Cellular Plus Store – Anna Regina; Anil Cell Phone Store – Anna Regina Market; Derick Photocopy Shop – Anna Regina Post Office and Universal Pharmacy – Suddie.
The forms can also be downloaded from the Resort’s Facebook page @ www.facebook.com/lakemainstay
Deadline for registration is April 18, 2019. The event will see more than $1 million in cash prizes and trophies. However, as it gets dark, Pream’s Mega Sound will take charge of the After Party. The master of ceremony and commentator will be Ravi D.
In addition, there will be several exciting games for the kids and more so, food courts and beverage bars.
Admission to the event will cost $1000 for adults and $500 for children. The actual event will commence at 18:00h, but the gates will be opened at 15:00h. The 10th Annual Lake Mainstay Regatta is sponsored by Castrol Oil, Banks Beer and Stag Beer.
For further information, please call telephone numbers: 592-226-2975, 592-771-4957/59/60.
Use pics of car and bike