15-year-old crushed by skidder after losing balance

A teenager employed by T Bovell Concessions lost his life on Sunday afternoon after he allegedly slipped off the side of a truck and fell between the wheels of a skidding machine.
The dead youth has been identified as 15-year-old Roy Odel Welchman, who is said to have been working as a labourer for the abovementioned mining company.
Based on reports received, on Sunday about 17:30h at 16 Km Bisarooni Backdam, Region 10 (Upper Demerara-Berbice), Welchman was in the company of a driver and a porter, all employed by the mining company when the accident took place.
Reports are that the young man was tasked with recordkeeping and was returning with his two workmates after loading the truck with lumber when the incident occurred.
According to the Police, the driver used the skidder to leave the backdam, and on the way out, the skidder hit a bump causing the teen who was reportedly standing on the left side of the machine to lose his balance and fall.
Guyana Times understands that the operator immediately brought the skidder to a halt and in doing so, it ran over the teen.
The driver and the porter rushed the injured young man who was still conscious at the time to the Kwakwani Hospital, but he was pronounced dead on arrival.
The Police noted that the 15-year-old’s body was examined and it was observed that it had bruises to both temples, swelling of the face and eyelids, a bruise to the left forearm, and bruises on the upper left side of the back.
Welchman’s body is presently at the Kwakwani Burial Ground on ice, awaiting a post-mortem.
Meanwhile, the operator of the machine, along with the porter, is being questioned about the fatal accident.