16 Berbice families benefit from FFTP houses

Sixteen persons recently received the keys to their new homes which were constructed and semi-furnished by Food For The Poor (FFTP) Guyana.
FFTP last year handed over 103 houses to 103 Berbice families.
During the year, the St Francis Community Developers worked in collaboration with FFTP to make the house distribution a success.
St Francis has been tasked with the responsibility of identifying the families and working with them to ensure that they are recipients of the two-bedroom houses.
President of St Francis, Alex Foster explained that when the project initially started, families only received a house for which they were thankful, but the entity has decided to partially furnish the homes.
“We have been able to have about 40 per cent of the houses semi-furnished with two beds each, tables, four chairs and some of them have pillows and pillow cases. We have also given them table cloths and other household items,” Foster explained.
The new home owners, who have been experiencing problems connecting to the Guyana Power and Light’s (GPL) grid, mainly because of the location of the house, were also being assisted with solar panels.
“The solar panels will allow them to have three lighted bulbs in the home and the ability to charge their cellphones on a daily basis because we have an adaptor which is capable of charging most cellphones.”
Meanwhile, Food For The Poor has scaled up its activity as it relates to supporting farmers. Over the past two months, 16 farmers’ groups were formed in Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne) and have been receiving farming tools.
More than 3000 pieces of equipment have been distributed to the farmers. These include cutlasses, rakes, pick axes, garden forks among other items.