17 plant operators graduate

…as GWI embarks on treated water expansion project

In light of massive plans to improve to water quality across the coast via the establishment of 13 new water treatment plants and 10 in-line treatment systems, the Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) will be embarking on an apprenticeship programme.

GWI Chief Executive Officer Shaik Baksh poses with the graduates and other water company officials

This was announced by GWI’s Chief Executive Officer, Shaik Baksh, who was at the time addressing graduates of the company’s Plant Operators Level II Training Programme, the Department of Public Information (DPI) reported.
Baksh explained that the on-the-job training for the operators would eventually lead to upward mobility, thus contributing to human resources development at all levels within the company.
The apprenticeship programme, on the other hand, will aid in knowledge sharing and the filling of new positions that will become available.
The CEO also acknowledged that there is a plea for water free of high iron content on the coast. To this end, he posited that Government’s investment in the realisation of these new water treatment plants would help to significantly improve the quality of water citizens receive.
He told the graduates that their role as plant operators was important in ensuring the functionality of the plants and distribution of clean water to residents.
He noted too that GWI was conducting a study that entailed the use of surface water and less chemicals to treat it. The sources are the East Demerara Water Conservancy, Boerasirie Conservancy, Five Miles in Bartica and the Dakoura Creek in Linden. The utility is also eyeing 27 springs in Linden to be put to use.
GWI Director Wendell Jeffery told the graduates that the training they have received was as a result of the foresight of the Board and management of the company.
He highlighted that as operators working at the sole water utility in the country, they had an important role to play towards the development of Guyana’s water sector. He reminded them that citizens across the coast were depending on them for a safe, clean and timely water supply.
He dubbed the training programme part of history in the making, as the company moves towards expansion.
Meanwhile, Head of Water Quality Avinash Parsram, one of the facilitators of the programme, advised the operators to not only understand what they were doing in their line of duty, but also understand why they were doing it and how it would help to improve efficiency.
He encouraged them to be accountable and committed to their job.
A second batch of plant operators were expected to commence training later this month and the programme is slated to last for a period of six months.