4 new COVID-19 cases recorded

…active cases now 140

As the number of COVID-19 cases continues to climb in Guyana, the Public Health Ministry has recorded four new cases out of a total of 25 tests that were conducted on Friday.
This now brings the total number of confirmed cases in Guyana to date to 290.
In presenting an update, Deputy Chief Medical Officer (DCMO), Dr Karen Gordon-Boyle, related that there are 140 active cases with 19 persons in institutional quarantine and six in the dedicated COVID-19 Intensive Care Unit (ICU).
In addition, 134 persons have recovered and the number of deaths remains at 16. She also disclosed that nine of the 10 administrative regions have recorded cases of COVID-19.
Further, the DCMO noted that based on a survey conducted, 30 per cent of respondents reported their unwillingness to give up their daily practice and adhere to guidelines provided.
In light of this finding, the DCMO reiterated that the COVID-19 cases in Guyana continue to rise due to non-adherence to the guidelines.
“I wish you to recognise that our cases are still on the increase and that we all are susceptible; COVID-19 is a smart alec according to our Guyanese parlance, so the best approach is not to behave as the 30 per cent of those persons in the survey who are unwilling to give up their free lifestyle; rather let us try to avoid being infected and to safeguard ourselves from the potential damage that COVID-19 can cause,” the DCMO explained.
According to the World Health Organisation, the total number of cases is 11,874,226 with 545,481 deaths. In the region of the Americas, the number of cases is 6,125,802 with 272,606 deaths

Palms COVID-free
Meanwhile, the Social Protection Ministry on Friday stated that the Palms Elderly Care Facility is now COVID-19 free as its final three patients have made full recoveries from the virus.
The patients, 66-year-old Robert Baiku, 69-year-old Cleo Brotherson, and 57-year-old Gaitree Kaloutie, will spend a few days in the Facility’s Infirmary before they are moved to the General Ward.
Seven other patients have already convalesced, including 105-year-old Zorie De Mattos and 91-year-old Rosaline Hamilton. The dedicated staff and doctors from the Public Health Ministry are credited for this milestone.