2 Guyanese shot dead in Suriname

Surinamese authorities are investigating the execution-style killings of two Guyanese suspected of involvement in separate murder cases in Guyana.
Deada are Jerimiah Smith and Oswick Bazillio. Both men were gunned down on a street in Paramaribo, Suriname with reports indicating that they had sought refuge in Suriname.
Bazillio was linked to the murder of Joseph Wilkinson, known as ‘Dreddy’, while Smith was associated with the recent killing of Clynton Chase.
Both Wilkinson and Chase were victims of separate execution-style attacks, with Wilkinson’s death occurring in February and Chase’s just last week outside his home in La Penitence.
Reports are that Wilkinson was attending a wake in North Ruimveldt when, when about 12:20h he received a phone call and moved aside to answer it.
Guyana Times was told that a car approached the man, and its occupants’ unleashed gunfire on him before fleeing the scene. Wilkinson sustained multiple gunshot wounds, and was rushed to a private city hospital, where he was pronounced dead.
Meanwhile, Chase, on the day he was killed had returned home from the Kingston Seawall around 22:30h and was met by a gunman reportedly inside his house. His son, “Shacka,” revealed that his father had lived alone in the house for eight years.
Shacka rushed to the scene upon hearing about the shooting and found his father lying in front of the gate, apparently shot multiple times. Due to a power failure, CCTV cameras in the area were inactive at the time. It appeared that the assailant(s) had entered the yard through the back fence.
While the motive remains unclear, robbery was ruled out as all belongings were untouched. Despite a phone call suggesting a motorcycle accident, the son insisted it was a deliberate shooting, evidenced by the fatal head wound. The granddaughter discovered her grandfather motionless upon arrival, with police confirming gunshot wounds to his jaw, arm, and chest.
Nevertheless, the Surinamese Police Force has informed their Guyanese counterparts of the double homicide, with Crime Chief Wendel Blanhum confirming ongoing investigations. (G9)