281 graduate skills training in Berbice

More young people in Berbice, Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne) are now ready to take advantage of the new jobs that are being made available in Guyana as the country moves towards becoming more industrialised.
Some 281 individuals graduated from several programmes being offered by the Labour Ministry’s Board of Industrial Training (BIT) in the region.
The courses were held under the Ministry’s Youth Empowerment Project. Some 286 persons started the courses; however, five discontinued before the conclusion.

Graduates with Labour Minister Joseph Hamilton, Speaker of the National Assembly Manzoor Nadir, BIT Chief Executive Officer Richard Maughn and BIT Technical Officer Clarence Shako at the BIT graduation in Region Six

Of the 281 that completed, 20 successfully completed training in cosmetology, 25 in information technology, of which, 21 were females. Twenty were also successfully trained in cake decoration, 18 as auto electricians and of that number two were females.
Twenty persons were trained in garment construction, 12 in block building, 10 in welding fabrication and 154 as heavy-duty machinery operators, with 20 of them being females.
The age range for all the courses was between 16 years to 46 years old.
Project Coordinator Clarence Shako noted that it was commendable to see so many young people taking up training being offered by the Government since today many youths are unconstructive.
Speaking at the ceremony which was held at Outback Adventure at Gangaram, East Canje, Regional Chairman David Armogan said that Guyana is changing and there is need for many skills which the country currently does not have enough of.
He noted that it is incumbent upon the Board of Industrial Training to embark on a course of action that will be able to satisfy the skills market in Guyana.
“Because we can no longer allow foreigners to come in and take up all these positions and we sit by the wayside crying saying that the Government is doing nothing to stop foreigners from coming in. But the Government will never do anything to stop foreigners from coming in unless we can be able to replace these people with local skills in Guyana,” he pointed out.
Meanwhile, Labour Minister Joseph Hamilton noted that while some of the skills acquired might not be able to allow someone to find a job, it can help them to save.
In delivering the feature address, Speaker of the National Assembly Manzoor Nadir noted that programmes being run by a Board of Industrial Training have had many successful results.
He called on the graduates to set goals and endeavour to achieve them.
Noting that there are enormous opportunities arising from the oil and gas sectors in Guyana, Nadir called on the graduands not to allow their goal-setting to be limited to what they are accustomed to.
“Three years ago, I met a batch of heavy-duty equipment operators; one of them was Mohammed, they had some difficulty and there was a four-month delay in the programme and then they were able to get them started with practicals. Mohammed was one of the first Guyanese to pass the exam and today he is on Exxon’s ship. He is a product of the Board of Industrial Training training programme. So, don’t bind yourself to what you are accustomed to do, set your goals and work towards achieving them,” the guest speaker said.
The Board of Industrial Training seeks to provide competency-based vocational training for employment and the issuance of certificate of competency.
Soon it will be offering young Amerindians a course in outboard engine repairs which will be available in various Indigenous communities. (G4)