377 traffic violations recorded in 24 hours

…names of top 100 offenders made public

In a bid to clamp down on recklessness on the country’s roadways, the Guyana Police Force (GPF) has released a list of the top offenders in the past 90 days on the new Mandela to Eccles Highway, where speeding cameras were installed.
The highest recorded speed was 154km/h by vehicle PKK 7558, registered to Delroy Cornette. Coming in second at 151km/h was vehicle PKK 4668, registered to Richardo Bodhnarine.
Meanwhile, the highest repeat offender is vehicle PJJ 4274, registered to Nicholas Brathwaite, who was caught speeding 69 times.
Notable names on the offender’s list include a vehicle registered to Edward B. Beharry and Company Limited, which clocked a speed of 140km/h; a vehicle belonging to the Guyana Telephone & Telegraph company which travelled at 129km/h; and a vehicle registered with Hand in Hand Insurance, which sped at 122km/h.
The Police Force said it has since summoned the drivers. In addition to being placed before the courts, the GPF said they endeavour to publish their names and photos.
Moreover, the Force said it will push to have their licences suspended and certifications of fitness revoked, where applicable.

Meanwhile, on Sunday, some 377 cases for traffic violations were recorded. According to the Police, that number of cases included 165 for speeding and 15 for Driving Under the Influence (DUI). The Police said efforts have intensified with a view to curbing poor usage of the road by motorists who are engaged daily in empowerment sessions by traffic ranks countrywide.
The traffic violators have been charged and have been given dates to appear in court.