$39M water system to serve over 300 Masakenari residents

Some 333 residents of Masakenari, Region Nine, are now benefiting from access to potable water, following the construction of a new $39 million water supply system in the community.
The construction of a new distribution system is a commitment made by President Dr Irfaan Ali, during a visit to the remote village in August last year.
Minister within the Housing and Water Ministry, Susan Rodrigues officially commissioned the water system on Friday and reaffirmed the Government’s commitment to providing equal opportunities to hinterland residents.
She was joined by Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) Hinterland Services Director, Ramchand Jailall and Masakenari’s Toshao, Paul Chekema, a DPI report stated.
The new system replaces the previous well in the area and increases their access to potable water from 40 per cent to 95 per cent.
Rodrigues also announced plans to install a pump and water tanks to serve the eight creek-side households that are beyond the reach of the new system.
The Government has invested over $2 billion to improve water access in the hinterland and riverine communities, with an additional $1.4 billion set to be invested this year.
The sum of $650 million was allocated to the GWI to execute several projects in Region Nine in 2023.
These include the extension of water systems in Aranaputa, Moco Moco, Sand Creek, Karasabai, Wowetta, Quiko, Massara, Baitoon, Crash Water, Kattur, Tiger Pond, Kumu, and Bashaidrun.
New wells are being drilled and distribution networks are being extended in Kaicumbay village, Aishalton, Awarewarnau, Maruranau, Potarinau, Hiowa, Parishara, Semonie, Quatata, Shiriri, Katoonarib, Fairview and Rupertee.