4 in 4! District 10 takes overall championships again

58th Annual National Schools Cycling, Swimming, Track and Field Championships

The curtains closed on the National Schools Athletics Championships for yet another year on Friday night; and for the fourth year running, Upper Demerara/Kwakwani, District Ten, have been crowned champions.
A sea of gold and black celebrated as the official results were announced late into Friday night, indicating that District Ten had won the competition for the seventeenth year in the championship’s 58-year history.
Although Upper Demerara/Kwakwani only won the track and field aspect of the championships this year, their performances in swimming and cycling were enough to hand them the overall championships, edging out once again their fierce rival and runners-up, South Georgetown, District 13.
The final day of competition saw the running off of the 400 metre finals and the

District 13 celebrates after winning the teachers’ championships and ending second overall

greatly anticipated 4×100 metre Open relays. The female team out of District 3 (West Demerara) took top honours in the female relay. They were followed by District 10 and District 12, who finished in second and third respectively.
The male contest, however, did not go on without a disturbance, as the West Coast Berbice contingent took to occupying the track in an act of protest. The District 5 male relay team was disqualified owing to a late baton pass, a decision that the supporters of the district were not happy with. As such, they urged the athletes to take action.
After all was settled, the male 4×100 metre race took off at top speed. District 4 proved to be the best, beating out District 10 and District 13, who finished second and third respectively.
Aside from the pomp and splendor of the overall championships, the youth athletes were rewarded for their individual brilliance over the six-day competition. The Champion Boy and Champion Girl accolades are what many aspiring Guyanese athletes hope to achieve in their school life; and as such, there were many contenders taking up both track and field events in order to cop local athletics’ Holy Grail. In addition to the overall championships, North Georgetown (District 11 were the victors of the Swimming competition. Corentyne (District 6) took the cycling championships, while South Georgetown (District 13) took the teachers’ championships.
This year’s champions are as follows: