4 outstanding medical workers honoured by RHTY&SC, MS

– another donation made to Port Mourant Hospital

The 11 cricket teams of the Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club (RHTY&SC) have, on Tuesday, last honoured four outstanding medical workers from the Port Mourant Public Hospital. These four workers were selected by the administration of the hospital based on their performance and commitment over the last year.
A team of RHTY&SC executives, including Vice President Mark Papannah, Secretary/CEO Hilbert Foster, Asst Secretary/CEO Simon Naidu and Organising Secretary Ravindranauth Kissoonlall, visited the institution for the hosting of a simple presentation ceremony for the third annual Tribute to Medical Workers Programme.

The awardees pose with doctor in charge Dr Sukhdeo, Hospital Administrator Shaneeza Nabi and RHTY&SC’s Ravindranauth Kissoonlall after the presentation

The four workers honoured were Dr Rafeek Rahaman, Medex Sheliza Shultz, Nurse Venisa Persaud and driver Nigel Trotz. Foster has said that, in 2019, he was a patient at the hospital, and over the course of his eight days’ stay, he was very impressed by the high level of professionalism among the staff, and committed the RHTY&SC to assisting as much as possible, and to also host an annual awards ceremony to honour the best of the best.
Over the last three years, 23 staff members have been honoured for outstanding performance, and Foster, who is also President of the Berbice Cricket Board, has pledged that the club would continue to host the award in the future. He urged the awardees to uphold their high standards, and reminded them that the health of the nation is the wealth of the nation.
The longstanding club official has said that the professionalism of the Port Mourant Hospital was unmatched across the country; along with its general appearance. He made special mention of Dr Rahaman and Nurse Persaud, who were among the workers who had looked after him during his hospitalisation three years ago. He noted that the nation is blessed to have such outstanding medical workers during the ongoing pandemic.
Each of the awardees received a plaque, a medal of excellence, a framed certificate and three special gifts.
The 11 cricket teams also handed over a bicycle and a trolley to the management of the Hospital as part of their annual Basil Butcher Trust Fund project. The bicycle would be used by the porters at the institution to fulfil their duties, while the trolley would be used to move around the EKG machine.
Naidu disclosed that, over the last three years, the club and its cricket teams have made numerous donations to the hospital in an effort to assist management to fulfil its mandate to the general public. The club would also be providing some Mother’s Day hampers to the hospital for outstanding mothers working there.
Medical doctor in charge, Dr Sukhdeo, expressed gratitude to the club for its assistance over the years, and congratulated the awardees on been selected.
Dr Rahaman, speaking on behalf of the awardees, pledged to uphold the high standard in the future, and congratulated the RHTY&SC on the outstanding work it was doing across the county of Berbice for youths and the less fortunate.
The eleven cricket teams of the club are: Poonai’s Pharmacy Under 12 and Under 13, Farfan and Mendes Under 15, Bakewell Under 17 and Second Division, Pepsi Under 19 and Intermediate, Metro Females, Vitality Inc Under 23, Namilco Thunderbolt Flour Under 21 and First Division.