45 homes built by MoM for vulnerable persons in 2022

…over 70 pending requests

The Men on Mission (MoM) initiative, a President Dr Irfaan Ali-led effort that has sparked widespread support from stakeholders countrywide, was able to construct 45 homes last year for persons in need, which included single parents and the elderly in the majority.

Men on Mission has garnered support from hundreds of males

Chief of Staff of the Guyana Defence Force, Godfrey Bess informed at Monday’s press conference that there are over 70 requests for a better home. These requests are filtered based on immediate need and other factors.
The direction of President Irfaan Ali is to construct at least 50 homes in 2023. Single parents, persons with disabilities, elderly individuals and victims of natural disasters are the priority groups targeted.
While a budgetary allocation of $500 million was set aside for MoM this year, Bess indicated that a specific amount has not been earmarked for such project. Thus far, homes have been constructed primarily through donations from stakeholders.

President Irfaan Ali with an elderly woman in her new MoM-constructed home

“The intention and our criteria have been very objective and we will continue to work in this manner. As we speak, we have in excess of 26 essential requests and we have more than 70 requests total. We’re looking at these requests. The intention is to roll out these activities as early as possible,” the Chief of Staff told the media.
The Chief of Staff clarified that when a request is made for someone requiring assistance, certain criteria must be met to ensure transparency. There are also screenings for the most vulnerable to benefit.
“We have recognised the importance of ensuring we have criteria so that the most vulnerable and needing persons benefit from these homes. Our assessment will ensure homes are prepared for needy persons and based on a standard that our planning committee has worked on.”
He added, “I must say we’re very conscious about duplicity and the good thing about Men on Mission is that we’ve got partners in all organisations in Guyana.”
Some of the requirements include, apart from the formal request, proof of ownership of the land, birth certificate and one other form of identification. Photographs of the existing structure and recommendation from persons in the community are also requested.
“Among our Men on Mission, we have established an assessment team which comprises of persons from the various sectors. We have qualified and objective persons who would look at these assessments,” Brigadier Bess relayed.
The intention of the Men on Mission initiative was to involve one thousand men from various segments of society including the Joint Services, the sport fraternity, the entertainment industry, community workers, the religious fraternity, the business sector, among others. Volunteers have been appearing from all parts of Guyana – some of whom are still waiting to contribute. A system has been established for them to add their input in specific areas according to skills and expertise. (G12)