Bartica fire leaves 2 homeless

A fire of unknown origin has destroyed a house at Bartica, Region Seven (Cuyuni-Mazaruni), leaving two persons homeless.

Charred debris after the fire was extinguished

Reports are that at about 15:36h on Sunday, the Bartica Fire Service was alerted to a fire at Lot 40, Second Avenue Bartica. Two water tenders from the Bartica Fire Station were immediately dispatched to the location.
Upon arrival, firefighters observed a one-storey wooden and concrete building engulfed in flames.
The building was owned by 57-year-old Bhagwanttie Rohit-Joseph. It was occupied by 31-year-old Bheesham Rohit and 25-year-old Camacy Hendricks.
Despite efforts to contain the blaze, the building and its contents were destroyed. Due to radiated heat, two houses located on the northern and southern sides of the building of origin suffered damage to a quantity of window panes, PVC guttering, and roof facing.
Additionally, a motorcycle and boat engine belonging to Bheesham Rohit were also destroyed.
Two jets were used to extinguish the fire. Investigations are underway to determine the cause of the fire. (G12)