5 injured, hospitalised following Essequibo Coast accident

Five men who were seriously injured following a two-car crash on Thursday at Windsor Castle Public Road, Essequibo Coast, Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam), have been hospitalised.
Those injured are 54-year-old Bhola Ramdiall, a mechanic of Hampton Court; Krishnan Persaud, 33, self-employed of Dunkel; Tony Jupiter, 32, a fisherman of Dartmouth; Eon Singh, 29, a fisherman of Dunkel; and Lindsay Smith, 63, a hire car driver of Anna Regina.

The accident that occurred on the Windsor Castle Public Road, Essequibo Coast

Reports are that the accident occurred at around 17:30h.
According to Police, motor car PSS 7002 was proceeding north on the western driving lane at a normal rate and motor car HB 6392 was also proceeding in the same direction behind motor car PSS 7002.
However, motor car PAB 1932, which was heading in the same direction, approached both vehicles from behind at a fast rate and attempted to overtake hire car HB 6392. Whilst in the process of doing such, he allegedly collided with the back wheel, where he then lost control and ended up colliding with the rear of motor car PSS 7002.
As a result of the collision, hire car HB 6392 came to a stop, motor car PSS 7002 ended up in a drain on the eastern side of the said road, and motor car PAB 1932 ended up toppling and came to a halt in a trench on the western side of the said road.
The driver of motor car PAB 1932 and the occupants of the said vehicle and the driver of motor car PSS 7002 were assisted by public-spirited citizens and conveyed to the Oscar Joseph Public Hospital where they were seen and examined by a doctor on duty who treated Singh for his fractured shoulder.
Jupiter and Ramdiall were both treated for lacerations to their heads, while Persaud was treated for internal injuries. They were later escorted to the Suddie Public Hospital where they were admitted as patients at the said institution.
Investigations are ongoing. (G9)