570g ganja found stashed under bucket at Plaisance

Police from Regional Division 4C (East Coast Demerara) found 570 grams of marijuana hidden under a bucket in an abandoned yard at Plaisance, East Coast Demerara.

The ganja that was found at Plaisance, ECD

A report from the Police Division indicates that between 09:00h and 12:00h on Friday, a party of policemen conducted a cordon and search exercise in Britton Street, Plaisance, where several persons, as well as the area, were searched. The ranks found a black plastic bag containing a number of leaves, seeds, and stems suspected to be cannabis, which was in an abandoned property under a bucket.
The suspected cannabis was taken to the Sparendaam Police Station where it was weighed and amounted to 570 grams. It was then sealed and lodged in the general property book. No one was arrested.
Only a day ago, Police found a quantity of marijuana and molly in Riverstown and Charity, Essequibo Coast. The ranks went to Riverstown, where 24-year-old Nardeo Shamsondar, a labourer, was contacted, and a search was conducted on his residence.
During the search, a coffee bottle was found in a black plastic bag in his yard, and contained three transparent zip-lock bags containing several leaves, seeds, and stems suspected to be cannabis.
Also, 17 small parcels wrapped with aluminium foil, containing a whitish rock-like substance suspected to be cocaine were discovered. Both substances were weighed and amounted to three grams of cannabis and 5.9 grams of cocaine, respectively. (G9)