6 homeless after fire destroys Mc Doom house

Six persons are now homeless following an afternoon blaze that destroyed their Lot 55 Mc Doom, Greater Georgetown home on Monday. The house was occupied by the owner, 40-year-old Andy Beckham, his three children, his niece and her five-year-old daughter.
Beckham told Guyana Times that he was on the East Coast of Demerara at the time of the fire and when he returned, he saw his home completely destroyed. His niece was also not at home.

Firefighters at the scene

The Guyana Fire Service and employees at Gafoors were praised for containing the fire to one location.
Guyana Times understands that members of Gafoors’ trained staff rushed to the scene with Gafoors firefighting equipment and immediately started to put out the blaze.
However, Beckham estimates $2 million in losses and is hoping for assistance to rebuild. Anyone interested in helping Beckham can contact him on telephone number 659-7191.

The completely destroyed home after the fire

In 2022, this publication reported on over 70 people who lost their homes to fires, with 56 of those persons in Berbice. For the year thus far, several fires have already devasted homes and public buildings including the Christ Church Secondary School earlier in the month.
Only last week, a Norton Street, Lodge, Georgetown man was rendered homeless after a fire destroyed a two-storey wooden and concrete house.