97 COVID-19 cases in St Cuthbert’s Mission – Health Minister

…says medical presence strengthened

A decision has been taken to strengthen the medical team in St Cuthbert’s Mission to ensure that COVID-19 patients are given adequate treatment. A report from the Department of Public Information on Tuesday stated that Health Minister, Dr Frank Anthony said there are currently 97 cases in the community. However, more positive diagnoses are expected as the medical team is administering 130 more tests.
“We’ll add another doctor who would be based there for the next two to three weeks, and we’ll add additional medical staff there as well. We have been collaborating with the Toshao of the Village and we are going to continue to have that presence and monitor and, of course, do more testing,” Dr Anthony is quoted as saying.
Two persons who tested positive for COVID-19 and were experiencing respiratory distress have been transported to the city.
Meanwhile, cases in Kwebanna, Barima-Waini (Region One), continue to stabilise.
“We have a team there that has been monitoring and, by the end of the week, we expect that we will have far less cases than we have right now. They’re still active because they’re in that period, but we are monitoring,” the Minister said.
Minister Anthony also revealed that no patient has suffered any severe symptoms from the disease. However, they are still being monitored in keeping with the protocols.

ICU at Centre for Disease Control
Meanwhile, Dr Anthony also said that the ICU of the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention at Liliendaal should be fully operational by the end of the week once the final touches have been done.
The Minister made this disclosure during Tuesday’s COVID-19 update.
“What we are focusing our attention on is to ensure that we have the ICU up and running. The main obstacle there was we did not have the lines for medical gas, and so those lines have now been installed, oxygen has now been put in place. We’ve had suction and other things that are necessary there, so all that we have now installed. They are now doing some final touches to the floor, and once that is completed, I suspect by the end of this week, we will be able to start the ICU facilities at Ocean View,” Minister Anthony is quoted as saying.
The facility, which falls under the management of the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) has a 25-ICU bed capacity, 11 more than the ICU at GPHC.
“We have another area where we have an operating theatre and some other spaces for recovery and so forth. We will be able to house a number of other patients in those areas as well. The intake area where people would have to come in when they’re sick, we’re still working on that section, and that would require a little bit more time for completion,” the Minister explained.
There are several other smaller projects to be completed at the hospital, which will see those services opening in phases. However, the Minister said, the most important section, the ICU, is mere days away from being operational.
The facility will also be staffed with personnel from GPHC.