A lackadaisical attitude to the people’s business

Dear Editor,
It is lamentable and “pure damn nonsense” (borrowing that phrase again) that monies overpaid to Government employees are still outstanding and to be recouped and officials get before the parliamentary oversight body only to be told of the lukewarm efforts being made.
The latest in this sordid tale is the Police Force seeking to recoup overpayment to a number of cops for 2017 and 2018 (GT Mar 8). One of the reasons proffered for this state of affairs was “the pace at which the information was received at the head office to effect those adjustments”. It was further suggested, as a means of arresting this untenable situation, that information be provided within the stipulated timeframe (that must be stringently enforced and followed), but also “in an informal way via by way of a cell phone call”. How in heavens name can an “informal” manner of conveying pertinent information on a serious matter as adjustments to person’s salary be deemed authoritative, legal and binding for actioning? This kind of information, which forms the basis for a legal transaction to be instituted must be documented for the records and subsequent queries which may arise.
Likewise, it is totally unacceptable that former and current officers did see it fit and proper to engage and communicate on issues in order to provide cohesive information and answers required. This can be deemed a lackadaisical attitude to the people’s business.
It is unbelievable, the occurrences in State agencies which give rise to incompetence at all levels.

Shamshun Mohamed