Grateful for GOAL opportunity

Dear Editor,
Over the past few days, the Honourable Sonia Parag started a vicious campaign to go into communities and encourage persons to apply for the Guyana Online Academy of Learning scholarships. Let us be reminded that these scholarships come at a cost of nothing for Guyanese, these scholarships cater to young or old and most importantly these scholarships cater for various sectors.
We must give credit where it is due. While they are those that say we have poor internet connectivity issues, never before has Guyanese scholarships been able to pay their dues by working for an NGO or doing community-based service.
As a GOAL recipient for the year 2021, I am grateful for the opportunity and would continue to encourage everyone to sign up for the opportunity being handed to them on a golden platter.
To the Honourable Sonia Parag and the Government of Guyana, thank you for allowing Guyanese to garner certificates, diplomas, degrees, post-grads and Master’s in various programmes. Thank you for allowing your nation to develop its intellectual capacity.

Tanya Mohabir