A plethora of unpleasantness – the exit of Megxit

Dear Editor,
Martin Luther King Jr. wrote, “Look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” Megan Markle left LA to go to La La land and join “The Firm” in England, only to find out that the color of your skin and not your heart matters. “The color of your skin” is a movie released in France in 2014, with a story line dealing with people from all walks of life coming together for a worldwide performance. It underscores that love is the answer and people don’t care about the color of your skin for what matters is, all belong to one race – the human race.
Prince Harry and Megan Markel created an uproar when they were interviewed by America’s Queen for talk shows, Oprah Winfrey, last Sunday night to a TV audience of 17 million people, a viewership of 13 million being British. A storm blew across the pond with this bombshell sit-down revelations, leaving a bittersweet, sour and spicy flavor, depending on who is tasting, satiating, digesting and appreciating. Buckingham Palace being torpedoed with this furor of explosive statements, is yet to comment and remain up tight, clipped lip and diplomatic.
The Queen’s mantra has always been, “Never complain, never explain.” Megan Markle disclosed that, during her pregnancy with Archie, the color of her son’s skin, was a prominent topic of discussion and reservation by members of the Royal party, not by the Queen or Prince Philip. She confessed that she was driven to a suicidal point and wanted outside help but Royal protocol prevented her from pursuance. In Guyana, the colonial masters had promulgated, persevered and profited from the color of the skin, prevented the promotion of other people, provided the path for many disparities to plant many political parties.
“The color of your skin” is a 2019 documentary by Jon-Paul Gates, exploring racism in today’s climate through stories from people of various races. The theme vocalized, “it’s one thing to want to stand out from the crowd. It’s quite another to be held back for the things that make you different. Worse still is to be attacked for what makes you, you – your voice; your skin color.” Megan Markle had lost her true identity and had to adopt to a way of life that stifled her effervescence and exuberance which was her life blood in Hollywood. She was trapped in Royalty, a prison within the Palace which dictated her being truncated from the freedom of publicly mixing with outsiders, and constantly living within the realms of disciplined expectations.
An ethnic combination from a White father and Black mother, her personality and persona did not define the upper-class British aristocracy. Prince William and Kate are not subjected to this wall of resentment. Megan’s feverish and frequent racial attacks by the British tabloids were not defended by the Royal family and this further fermented domestic incursions by the staff. Guyanese have been historically cognizant of the color of your skin and this created a class difference, something which is sadly still prevalent in today’s society.
Back in 1962, Malcolm X gave a speech in LA and asked the proverbial question, “Who taught you to hate the race that you belong to so much that you don’t want to be around each other?” He said, “To such an extent you bleach, to get like the white man.” Not getting the required help and support, Megan felt alone and isolated during her pregnancy and experienced severe mental stress and strain. Prince Harry and Megan were conditionally forced to relinquish their royal status and migrated to the US in order to live their lives peacefully and avoid all the torment. Prince Charles eventually refused their telephone calls and they were financially cut off. He has been opined as a cool and aloof father, despite having being traumatized with the death of Princess Diane and knowing the feeling of separation and desertion. Guyanese became divided at the behest of Burnham who caused the split of the PPP party and formed his own party, the PNC. His lies and deceits still prevail to this day and is the mantra on which the APNU/AFC party’s survival depends on.
Separating the Indians and the Blacks was a divide and rule strategy to control the nation, fed and fueled by the British and American infiltration to create anarchy. The latest dilemma was dramatized last year in Berbice with the racial incitements insinuated by past president David Granger and leader of the opposition party, Joseph Harmon. This caused devastated damages, loss of lives and properties, chaos and mayhem, as Afro Guyanese created a state of nightmare for the Indo Guyanese community. Guyanese need to urgently awake from this a slumber to recognize the enemy within and prevent any more incursion in this excursion.
As International Women’s Day is being observed this week, it is not surprising that Megan Markle made choices to fight for her freedom, preserve her sanity and to keep her family happily knitted together.

Jai Lall