AAG insists not bankrupt

“there is a big difference between “cash flow issues” and “bankruptcy”

The Athletics Association Guyana (AAG) on Wednesday responded to a section of the media on claims that it was bankrupted after hosting the South American

Junior Championships earlier this month.

According to the release, which was signed by the Association’s General

AAG President Aubrey Huston

Secretary, Mayfield Taylor-Trim, the Association has made and will continue to make wise and prudent financial decisions in the dispensation of its mandate to athletes.

Below is the full text:

“There is a big difference between “cash flow issues” and “bankruptcy”. We have made and will continue to make wise and prudent financial decisions in the dispensation of our mandate to our athletes. The development of the nation’s athletes in their quest to be world champions is our number one priority and focus, and we will not be distracted from this objective.

“On the subject of our attendance at the South American Senior Championships in Paraguay, our decision was based on the following factors.

1) The AAG did not have to attend.

The IAAF mandates that each Member Federation (MF) must attend at least one Area Champion per year. The AAG hosted and attended the South American U20 Championship 2017.

2) Show of solidarity with Consudatle

Of the 13 MFs in Consudatle, 11 attended the South American U20 Championship in Guyana. We therefore decided that we should attend to maintain our fraternity and friendship in South America.

3) Athletes vying to make the IAAF World Championship Standard.

The AAG had considered Paraguay, as one of the meets to attend for the qualification of its top athletes on their World Championship’s Long List. These athletes would also have two other opportunities to make the standards by attending the National Senior Championship on July 2nd and 3rd, and the Aliann Pompey Invitational on July 15th right here in Guyana. This was saving us approximately US$10,400.00.

4) International Competition Calendar

In 2017, the AAG must maintain funds in the coffers to participate in the following international competition.

(a) World Youth Championship (Nairobi, Kenya) July12-16

(b) World Championship (London) August 4-13

(c) Panam Juniors (Lima, Peru) July 21-23


Considering the facts as stated above, the AAG offered the athletes who were willing to find their own airfare, the opportunity to compete in Paraguay. Winston George, Genea McCammon and Owen Adonis took up the offer. We would like to thank these athletes for making this bold step to represent Guyana. A point to note is, Winston George would have already made the entry standard for the London World Championships on June 3rd, 2017 at the Jim Bush meet running 45.49.

Decisions made by the AAG may not find favour with everyone, and that fact we are prepared to accept. What we must state, without any fear of contradiction, is that decision by the AAG over the past 4 1/2 years have borne fruits as never seen in the history of Track and Field in Guyana.

1) South American Juniors. For 42 years of this Championship, Guyana’s total medal accumulation is eight. We earned 25 medals in the 2017 Championship.

2) Carifta Games. For 46 years of this championship, Guyana got its largest medal haul in 2017 and also winning a gold medal for the first time in the 100m Boys Under 20, Triple Jump Girls U20 and Long Jump Girls U18.

3) Natricia Hooper ranked 4th in the world in the Junior Triple Jump

4) South American Youth 2016. Guyana’s largest medal haul at the youth level in South America. 6 medal from 4 athletes.

5) South American Youth 2014. Jason Yaw and Natricia Hooper earning gold and silver medals respectively in the 400m. The gold medal performance is still the current South American Youth 400m record.

Just a few facts to consider when judging the AAG.

We have no issue with constructive criticism, but the useless attacks on the credibility of the AAG are only a mere foolish attempt to tarnish the good image of our sport. These attacks don’t affect us; they make us stronger for we are aware that “SUCCESS BREEDS ITS OWN ENEMIES”.

The AAG was happy for the opportunity to host the South American U20 Championship, an event that will be remembered with joy. The IAAF, Consudatle and the Guyana Athletics Family congratulated us on a job well done. We would like to take this opportunity to thank President Granger and the Government of Guyana, the National Sports Commission, the Guyana Olympic Association, all of our sponsors, our fans and most of all, our athletes for the pride and joy they brought. We are proud to be Guyanese.

Let’s bid for CARIFTA Games 2020 in Guyana.