AAG logistics boosted by computer donation

The Athletics Association of Guyana (AAG) was given a significant boost on Tuesday as it continues in its quest to better the level of athletics in Guyana.
The Association was the recipient of two computers, which, according to AAG President Aubrey Hutson, will go a long way. The presentation was made by David Thomas on behalf of the Guyana Overseas Based Sports Association, of which he is President.

David Thomas is all smiles as he hands over one of the computers to AAG President Aubrey Hutson

In making his presentation, Thomas, who has had a long relationship with the AAG, noted that over the years, they have noticed the need for multiple computers.
“We recognise that there was some help needed to make track and field and the efforts of recording the results easier, we saw that some computers were needed for the AAG,” Thomas explained.
To this end, he disclosed that the Overseas Based Sports Association made it its duty to provide the much-needed equipment. In the same breath, Thomas pledged the Association’s and his own commitment to assisting in any way possible when Guyana hosts the 2021 CARIFTA Games.
“A few years ago, we were able to give one, this year we’re able to give two and now that we’re sure according to the word of the Director of Sport; we will do our level best and whatever it takes to make the CARIFTA Games a success,” Thomas said.
On the receiving end of the timely gesture was AAG President Hutson, who explained the sacrifice that had to be made in order to ensure track meets were properly conducted.
“The AAG really and truly welcomes this gift. Over the past few years, it was my office computers that had to be used at the track and it would deprive my business of the resources. I think Mr Thomas recognised this and the first computer to date is still being used on our fully automatic timing system,” Hutson shared.
Oozing gratitude, Hutson noted some instances in which the two computers would come in handy.
“Now that we have two more, we can utilise them in the meet management service. So, if we have two meets going on, on the same day, at different locations, they can be used. So, thanks a lot,” the AAG President said.
Furthermore, he disclosed that the two computers would also be utilised to computerise the Athletics Association’s system, set up online registration for local athletes and make meet results quickly available to the media and the public. The computers will no doubt be in action at the Association’s next track and field meet – the Independence Championships on May 18 and 19 at the Leonora Track and Field Centre. (Jemima Holmes)