Abel Seetaram fired as PM’s Special Representative

Controversial member of the Alliance For Change (AFC) Abel Seetaram was on Monday fired from his post as Special Representative to the Prime Minister.

The announcement was made Monday via a press release from the Office of the Prime Minister. According to

Abel Seetaram
Abel Seetaram

the correspondence, the Office of the Prime Minister has “terminated with immediate effect the services of Mr Abel Seetaram as Regional Representative of the Office of the Prime Minister for Region 5”.

The Office of the Prime Minister took the opportunity to thank Seetaram for his services during the period of his engagement and extended best wishes in his future endeavors. It was also explained that an announcement with regards to the operations of the Office for the Regional Representative of the Prime Minister for Region Five will be made subsequently.

Reports are that his firing came on the heels of comments he made on social media, where he lashed out at the AFC for “disrespecting him” after members of the party held an outreach without including him. “The AFC is so disrespectful to me as a elected national executive member,” he stated.

In addition to his recent actions where he crashed a new and expensive government-owned vehicle while driving under the influence of alcohol, he later failed to make his Court appearance in relation to the matter and the matter was adjourned.

Reports are that on May 8, around 21:00h Seetaram is alleged to have lost control of the vehicle and rammed into the fence of a businessman. He will also be charged for being an unlicensed driver, dangerous driving and breach of insurance.

It is alleged that it was not the first time he has been involved in such a situation which resulted after he became intoxicated.