Industrial production of hemp needed to boost economy

Dear Editor,

Every day we hear about the country’s economy being in shambles, the high rate of unemployment and crime, and our major sectors – rice, sugar and mining being in trouble. But, I listened on Saturday last (May 28, 2016) to an interview with one Dr Dooerga, President of Guyana Hemp Association on Radio Linden on the massive economic benefits our country can reap with the industrial production of hemp.

He spoke in depth of the opportunities the country can reap if we produce hemp. It can reduce poverty, provide massive employment and also develop communities on the coastland and the hinterland, and Guyana as a whole.

I urge President David Granger and his APNU/AFC administration to give the no-objection to the production of industrial hemp in the country so we could continue to build our economy.

I call also on Dr Dooerga and his group to immediately launch an awareness programme to sensitise Guyanese on the prospects of hemp production. He spoke about a national consultation to be held next month in Georgetown. Please arrange a regional consultation in Linden as early as possible. We have the land in Linden and Region 10, as well as the manpower and infrastructure to push the production so we could develop our great Region and the town of Linden.

Yours truly,

Alfred Park