Cove and John Ashram reaches out to broom maker of Bush Lot, Berbice

single mother struggling to send children to school

By Indrawattie Natram

In continuing the service work of giving and helping others as a non-profit organization, the Cove and John

The mother of five with her children
The mother of five with her children

Ashram located on the East Coast of Demerara in collaboration with the Food for the Poor Inc recently reached out to another struggling single mother of five from Bushlot on the West Coast of Berbice.

The mother’s plight was seen through an article that was written and published in a recent edition of the Guyana Times. Immediately after reading the article members of the ashram ventured to the mother’s home at Wire Dam Bush Lot and assisted her.

Saraswatie Sampooran, a mother of five received a complete bed set (bed, pillow, mattresses, sheets), food hampers and clothing compliments of the Ashram in partnership with Food For the Poor Inc. Sampooran also known as Rita who is currently struggling to send her four children to school believes that an education is important and as such the determined mother makes “pointer brooms” and plant flowers as a means of sustaining her livelihood and providing for her children. Although her earnings are meager she manages to provide for her family.

Out of her five children one is attending Secondary School. The mother who currently resides in a shack surrounded by sheets of zinc said that in the nights she often sleeps in fear. Many times she was attacked by persons who took advantage of her situation she said.

The mother of five is currently living on a piece of Government reserve at Wire Dam where she constructed a shack she called her home.

She said that she had applied for a house lot in the past but due to lack of finances she could not obtain same from the Government. Her desire is to live in a more comfortable and safe environment where she could provide more for her children.

During the visit, Administrator of the ashram and spiritual leader, Swami Shivashankaranandaji encouraged the mother to continue having faith and give assurances that the ashram will continue to help her. He advised the single mother to live for her children and assured her that help will come her way.

The mother expressed gratitude towards the ashram and Food for the Poor Inc. She thanked them for assisting her.