Abuse of National Awards by APNU/AFC

Dear Editor
I would like to draw your readers’ attention to the misuse and abuse of the National Awards by the APNU/AFC Government. This Government has ruthlessly used the National Awards to reward its supporters and, probably, party donors.
If one were to look at the awards given to medical doctors, one would find several anomalies. The first award, given in 2015, was to an extremely pricey neurosurgeon who lives in Jamaica. What yardstick was used to reward him? Recently, awards were announced as having been given to a famous ‘abortion’ doctor and his colleague. His only claim to fame is the number of abortions he has done, including procedures on patients who weren’t pregnant at all.
The Government showed scant regard for the medical fraternity when they awarded this particular doctor. His award was given just before the elections, and leads one to wonder if that particular hospital had made a hefty donation to the party.
Also questionable are awards given to senior members of the Judiciary; and those Judges should never have accepted awards from a Government which would be defendants and plaintiffs in their courts in the future. Once the award is given after the Judge retires, the award is not so blatantly a bribe.
And Stanley Ming’s recent recruitment by the incumbent to discredit the elections with his ridiculous statement that the Official List of Electors was a “recipe for chaos” should come as no surprise to anyone. Mr Ming’s explanations can be seen in all the awards that he and his family have received from this Government.

Kind regards,
Shazad Sookram