PNC’s occupation of office is over, Dr Danns

Dear Editor,
The evidence being gathered in this recount exercise at the Arthur Chung Conference Centre (ACCC) is confirming the fact that the citizens of Guyana in these 2020 General Elections chose to vote Mr David Granger and his PNC-led coalition, out of office. The majority of the people chose Dr Irfaan Ali and the PPP/C. Even in the community of Muritaro near Linden in Region 10, the PPP/C won convincingly with a poll tally of 121 votes vs APNU/AFC’s 18.
The Guyanese people have spoken, that is their decision and no amount of infantile ranting and raving from people like Dr Ken Danns in his unperceptive letter in the Stabroek News captioned “Guyana does not need a leader without voice and agency” will change that fact. In making their decision, the majority of the Guyanese people want the rest of the world to see Dr Irfaan Ali as their new President and no one else; let us be clear on this fact.
As a Guyanese who chose to stand for democracy in the ACCC, I am a first-hand witness to the work of Dr Ali. Like hundreds of others, he is toiling on 12 hours-plus shifts from the time he leaves his home to the time he returns to his front door. What I am not seeing is the positive work from the likes of Mr Granger, whose presidential inaction has brought nothing but economic destruction and social implosion to this country.
It is unfortunate that Dr Danns chose not to expose the essence of the mal-administration under Mr Granger, but rather chose to pick on a youth who has a more solid track record at getting things done for the entire nation than more than half of the entire former Granger Cabinet. Let me share one example. In his six years in office as a Minister of Housing, he used that office to facilitate the delivery of over 38,000 house lots to the people. Mr Granger, on the other hand, has done less than one-tenth of that in his five-year tenure (part of which was stolen using political subterfuge).
If we want to know the true Mr Granger, one only has to examine the status of the checking account at the Bank of Guyana upon which the Central Government encashes its cheques. When Mr Granger came into office, that account had $15.2 billion in solid cash in it.
As at the end of March 2020, after 5 years of Mr Granger, like King Midas inverse, that account now has minus (negative) $82.5 billion in it. His Government now has run up the largest overdraft ever to visit this account in the history of Guyana. In real fact, Guyana now has an additional debt due to the incompetent voice and ineffective agency of Mr Granger.
The age of the PNC’s occupation of office is over, Dr Danns. The majority of the Guyanese people just want to carry on with their lives. What they do not want is this PNC cabal attempting to play with their intelligence by using racism as a tool of trickery to perpetuate this great national drama.
The way Ms Claudette Singh and Mr David Granger conduct themselves in the upcoming days in June 2020 will determine how the whole world looks not only at them personally but Guyana as a nation.

Yours faithfully,
Sasenarine Singh