Additional arrests for illegal shotgun, cartridges found at Kupang Backdam

The 39-year-old chef who has been arrested by the police following the discovery of an unlicensed shotgun along with live cartridges at the mining camp that he works is now being joined by a number of his colleagues.
Reports are that although the chef was the only one at the mining camp when the police made the discovery on Friday, other miners who work and occupy the same camp were taken into Police custody.
At this point, it is unclear as to whom the illegal gun and ammunition belonged to but investigations are currently underway, said F Division Commander, Kevin Adonis.
He told Guyana Times on Sunday that the chef along with his colleagues are being escorted to the Bartica Police Station but according to Commander Adonis, it will take some time to reach Bartica taking into consideration the rough terrain topped with transportation difficulties.
The Commander explained that until the owner of the shotgun and cartridges comes forward, those in custody will remain so until further notice.
Reports are that ranks of F Division received a tip-off and went to Kupang Backdam, Cuyuni River, where a search was conducted and an unlicensed shotgun along with 29 live cartridges and an empty cartridge casing was found.
The 38-year-old chef was immediately taken into Police custody where he is said to be co-operating with the police and assisting with investigations.
In February of this year, the police arrested a miner who was found with an unlicensed revolver along with matching rounds of ammunition at Obama Road, Upper Mazaruni.
Reports are that the ranks at the time were acting on information when they conducted a search on the miner and found the .38 revolver along with 10 matching rounds of ammunition.
Also last month, a shopkeeper was also taken into Police custody when he was found to be in possession of a shotgun at Makari Landing, Upper Mazaruni River.
The Plaisance, East Coast Demerara (ECD) man was observed by ranks, who were on patrol duties, to be acting in a suspicious manner.
While he was being approached, he was seen throwing a long object into some nearby bushes. When the said object was retrieved, it was found to be an unlicensed gun.