Africanists must take advantage of the economic opportunities on offer

Dear Editor,
Mr Vincent Alexander, Dr David Hinds, Mr Eric Phillips, and other Africanists should take advantage of the entrepreneurial wave which is now sweeping Guyana. There is new interest in small industry, in commerce, and in the jobs spawned by the Oil Industry.
These Africanists should encourage their friends and relatives in North America to take advantage of the various investments available; as, for example, the Hotel (including Guest House) Industry. And they should encourage African youth to train for, and apply for, jobs in the Oil Industry.
They should take advantage of the Government’s Local Content Policy, and have the Oil Industry train youth in the jobs they require, rather than employing foreigners.
These Africanists must joyously and enthusiastically get into the act, and could immediately put forward some plans before action. Then they would never again have to complain that the world is “marginalising” them, or that the economic structure of the world and Guyana is stacked against Africans.
Get down to work, brethren!

Paul Validum