Don’t ask Sam what he did, examine yourself

Dear Editor,
I too have noted the attacks that the PNC’s Hamilton Green and other PNC sympathisers have carried out against an outstanding Guyanese, Samuel Hinds. Asking him what he did for “Black People”.
Sam’s answer in the newspapers on January 16th was most profound and need not be added to.
The question I want to pose to Hamilton Green et al, who continue to pursue that racist line is, have they ever stopped to consider the harm that the PNC elite and their racist “intellectuals” have done to black people?
In order to gain power the PNC worked with colonialism and fought against Independence of this country. The use of racism and violence to stop freedom was a blotch against the glorious history of African Guyanese people who endured some of the greatest sufferings during slavery, whose sacrifices were unimaginable in the many fights for freedom and whose post-slavery contributed were very significant, the village movement among them.
The PNC leaders, instead of using that history to help them to achieve even more for their country, turned it into a bitter demand for entitlement. This made one of the most generous and kind people appear to be brutal and savage, time and time again from 1962 to 2020.
The PNC elite, who have been the main beneficiaries of the racist instigation of African Guyanese to riots and destroy, have even encouraged the glorification of criminals in pursuit of their diabolical wealth and riches at the expense of the masses of African Guyanese.
We remember clearly how they turned the funeral of Lyndon London, a bandit, into a ‘hero’ by using all their facilities and mobilising crowds while placing the National Flag on his coffin. Have you considered the role model you have provided to black youth?
Have we forgotten how often the PNC elite sided with criminals against the police? Do we recall that the PNC sent their supporters in red to celebrate the murder of Superintendent Leon Fraser on the day of his funeral?
Is it not true that it was the PNC leaders’ support for the criminal Douglas gang that allowed them to hold out in Buxton for months raping, burning and other abuses of those decent people who dared to open their mouths? Is it not clear that the heads of the army and police then are now high in the PNC and part of the rigging cabal!
When we talk about police standing by and watching robberies, even killings and molestation of Indo-Guyanese, was that not part of the PNC-CIA and colonial plans to drive fear in Indo-Guyanese? Wasn’t that mentality not strengthened by the call of Desmond Hoyte to the police to do just that when he spoke of “Kith and Kin” and “Slow Fyah, Mo Fyah” in the post-1997 racist attacks against Janet Jagan elections? Do you remember putting the escapees on TV and calling them “freedom fighters”?
Think about the harm that these things have done to masses of people. Furthermore, the PNC elite, from its inception, have been very brutal against African Guyanese who opposed their racism.
Going back to the vicious attacks on Brindley Benn, Ashton Chase, E.M.G Wilson, Cyril Belgrave and a host of others. Many of the PPP’s African members had bombs thrown into their homes on the West Coast Berbice to silence them; comrade Felix of Washington, West Coast Berbice, was a case in point. The idea was to drive out the black people from the PPP by whatever means necessary so that the PNC racist propaganda could penetrate deeply into the psyche of African Guyanese. Too many decent African people stayed quiet and the issue was allowed to spread beyond the PPP.
Walter Rodney and others, who opposed this criminal/mafia type of politics, were brutally murdered to silence them. Why have they done this? To enrich themselves. The abuse of power, the deals like the Drug bond, the land deals show exactly this. While they rape the country, they use race to keep black people quiet.
The harm that has been done was seen on the West Coast Berbice not long ago when, without any proof, with a click of the finger, they have managed to get ill-informed and very, very prejudiced people to create mayhem on our public thoroughfare.
Hamilton Green claims to be religious but instead of attempting to make amends he has joined with the younger racists that the PNC has spawned to once again bang the racial poison in the heads of black people to sustain a PNC elite that has no intention of changing its corrupt ways.
Sam Hinds contributions against these things, his contribution to black people and all Guyanese as an important part of the PPP/C efforts stand like a shining example, a real role model for any young Guyanese.
So don’t ask Sam what he did, examine yourself and see how you have destroyed many black people. How much more would be enough?!

Donald Ramotar
Former President