Ailing baby dies after receiving medical treatment at Skeldon Hospital

…investigation underway

The Regional Health Services Department has launched an investigation into the death of a 4-month-old baby at the Skeldon Hospital on Friday.
The infant was reportedly administered two injections by different doctors at the medical facility.
The dead child is Dona Samaroo also called “Alissa” of Grant 2767 Crabwood Creek, Corentyne, Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne).
Reports are that the infant was given one injection and sent away but was taken back to the medical facility after her condition worsened and it was then a second injection was administered by another doctor.

Dead: Dona Samaroo also called “Alissa”

The child’s grandmother, Kamlawattie Radreevs, revealed that the infant was unwell and was taken to a doctor at her private clinic on Thursday but after her condition worsened on Friday, they took her to the Skeldon Hospital.
She said the infant started vomiting on Thursday, causing them to rush her to a private institution.
“About 10 o’clock the next morning she na feel well and we rush with her to the Skeldon Hospital and a reach one doctor. Me tell he that she had lil blowing and vomiting,” the woman stated.
According to Radreevs, the doctor examined the child and then prescribed an injection and some other medication which she later learned was gravel to ease the vomiting.
On their way home, however, the baby lost consciousness and they immediately took her back to the Skeldon Hospital.
“Me an me husband go in and tell them that we bring back this child … she already get one injection. Well, the doctor tell me that she got to get a next injection because the child gone low already.”
Radreevs said she was asked to take her granddaughter into a room as she witnessed the doctor administering the second injection.
“When they give she de injection about one minute, the child died,” she stated in tears.

Parents, Geetangalie Bissoondyal and Charan Samaroo

Meanwhile, in response to an article in the media, Regional Health Officer (RHO), Dr Vishalya Sharma in a release to the press on Sunday said the matter is being investigated but also distanced the hospital from being responsible for the death.
“The child was previously under the care of a private practitioner. The child upon arrival at our medical facility was assessed by a doctor on duty and was given initial treatment. After she was placed under observation, the family subsequently left without any further evaluation being done on the child. At no point in time was [the child] discharged from our care or given any vaccines,” the statement said in part while adding that the infant subsequently returned to the Skeldon Hospital.
“The same day the mother returned with a child to the institution in a worsened condition. The team on duty at the time performed CPR to no success. Initial reports suggest that the family after leaving the institution took the child a religious leader,” the release added.

The Skeldon Hospital

However, the dead child’s mother, Geetangalie Bissoondyal, after being asked to respond to the allegations in the release from the RHO, explained that her only child was taken to a private medical practitioner the day before she died.
She also revealed that they met the same doctor who is running the private clinic the first time they took the child to the Skeldon Hospital.
“The one doctor that looked after her the morning at the hospital looked her after at the private clinic.”
Bissoondyal said her daughter did not receive any injections when she was taken to the private clinic. Instead, a liquid medication was prescribed but the infant could not use any of it because she was vomiting it out.
Meanwhile, when asked for the duplicate prescription which they would have received from the hospital, Radreevs said they only received one for the medication (gravel) and after the child passed away, the doctor asked for it to examine it and did not give it back to her.
On Sunday, the RHO and a regional team from Crabwood Creek visited the family and were asked to produce the books which record injections that were administered to patients. However, Sharma reportedly told family members that the matter is being investigated.