The big cleanup …of Georgetown’s muck

Back when the Gods walked among us, a fella named Sisyphus tried to trick the God of Death. Now, he knew everyone has to die sooner or later – or else they’d be gods, no? So, to punish him for his impertinence, he was condemned to push a huge boulder up a hill – only to have it roll down to its base. And he had to start over again and again for all eternity. Exercise in futility?
Well, it appears that our national capital, Georgetown, is the “rock” the PPP has been condemned to push up a hill for eternity. Seems they’ve been punished for the impertinence of winning national elections!! THEY have to try cleaning up our “Garbage City” again and again – only to see it revert into filth after each cleaning. The latest attempt is ongoing even as your Eyewitness pecks away at his much-abused keyboard!!
There he was, President Ali, in front of a host of business types, well-intentioned citizens – and even elements of the army – raking up garbage and having it hauled away to the dump site. When this clean-up idea was first broached, the Opposition PNC had fumed indignantly, “How dare our fighting men be reduced to such ‘indignity?”!! They’re presumably on a war alert against Venezuela! The PNC’s Mayor and City Council (M&CC) – whose responsibility it is to keep our city clean – one-upped its parent body and called for a BOYCOTT of the clean up!! That’s right… they’d rather wallow in the muck!! To keep their minds in synch with their bodies!?!
But, seriously folks, how much longer are we gonna launch these “clean-up campaigns”?? Didn’t the PNC do one when they became the Government in 2015?? There were reams of paper written about “Georgetown transformed back into the Garden City it once was”. But then, as sure as the sun rises in the east, the Sisyphean curse manifested itself!! So, we gotta conclude that the fault, dear readers, lies with the M&CC!
They’ve trotted out the usual excuse about the Central Government not giving them enough subventions. But we all know that’s a crock, don’t we? Didn’t the PNC Govt cough up huge subventions? The fact of the matter is that City Hall had not just become a boondoggle even before Hamilton Green sneaked in – but a boondoggle run by a nest of vipers!! Imagine the CENTRAL GOVERNMENT being sued for US$100MILLION over the parking meter scam PNC Mayor Patricia Chase-Green and her Town Clerk King tried to pull off!! Who’re enjoying their loot!!
So, what to do?? Your Eyewitness suggests a solution from Hercules – another Greek story.
Divert the Demerara River every now and then to wash over the city!!

Walter Rodney ironically called Burnham “King Midas”. While everything King Midas touched turned to gold, Burnham’s touch turned things to shi*t!! Well, among the things he touched was GECOM – even BEFORE it was named “GECOM”!! He started the rot over there as far back as 1967 when he corrupted Chairman Harry Bollers to rig the 1968 elections.
Well, at long last, it looks like we might stand a chance of cleaning up that Augean Stables. While everyone was looking at the high profile GECOM Commission – with its precariously balanced political appointees and a Chair, the canker had set into the GECOM Secretariat. They were the ones that actually handled the grubby day-to-day matters – as well on election day. Last March, the veil was snatched away due to the miracle of smart phones – and we saw that the Devil WAS in the details!!
The PPP Government has circulated its proposals for reform, with penalties for violations – but the PNC has submitted nothing!
They’d prefer the status quo!! Natch!!

…the City Staff
Two weeks ago, the Mayor voted to fire the City Engineer for “poor performance”. So, does that mean they’ll now fire more than half of the city employees for “ABYSMAL performance”?
What’s sauce for the goose…!