An emerging world-class leader

Dear Editor,
The entire Caribbean, South America and the world at large should be and are extremely elated and proud that a young, self-less, honest, courageous, hard-working and dedicated leader has emerged in our dear land – a Guyanese leader who is not only dedicated to foster and promote the socio-economic development of his own country, Guyana, but the Caribbean as well. This salient fact has merited His Excellency, Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali yet another prestigious international award, the Caribbean Global Awards which followed closely after he was honoured with the highly-acclaimed Global Africa Leadership Award and the Order of Freedom of Barbados Award. His exceptional and superb leadership has now transcended beyond our borders. The prognostication is clear that he is a world-class leader who is unafraid to stand for the truth and to defend that truth.
This is just the fourth year in his first term in office as President, and he has already surpassed all expectations and proved to the naysayers that he has all the qualities which have already elevated him to the calibre of Dr Jagan and Dr Bharrat Jagdeo – the best Presidents this country has ever seen. His recent BBC interview speaks volumes of his oratorical ability and competence to rapidly and fearlessly deliver his message and to defend his country – a delivery which is unmatched. It must be recalled that last year he staunchly defended the need for reparations on ITV’s Good Morning Britain. He was never at loss for words and has never failed to match his actions with those words and that is a rare combination in this world which is replete with hypocritical and dishonest leaders. It must be recalled that in his inauguration speech, Dr Ali promised to work for all Guyanese regardless of colour, class, or creed, and he has kept that promise unlike the PNC and AFC leaders who used the opportunity in Government for self-aggrandisement. They lied, deceived and impoverished the Guyanese people – the leopard cannot change its spots. Where was the UNHRC then?
Our President is a man of the people and for the people and his quest for a ONE GUYANA in nurturing unity of the races, inclusivity and sharing the prosperity and his achievement so far have surpassed what others in the PNC who was in Government for 33 years failed to achieve. In fact, the PNC and the AFC have never intended for the unification of the races, their violent and bloody street protests will forever be ingrained and indelibly etched in our memories. Today, President Ali has wended his way into all the Afro-Guyanese villages and into their hearts. The PNC simply tore the races apart, especially the Indo and Afro-Guyanese. I wonder why the UNHRC was silent on these atrocities, the massive corruption and the glaring and well-documented attempts to rig the 2020 General Elections. These do not matter apparently.
The indications are clear and conclusive that President Ali will take and is taking Guyana to an unparalleled height of development, but at the same time he will not allow our Caribbean sister nations to be left behind and even those farther afield. Our poverty-stricken experiences during the harsh and unliveable conditions under the PNC have taught us the art of sharing, and President Ali will leave no stone unturned to ensure this. No Guyanese will suffer from hunger unless it is by choice. Long live our President.

Yours sincerely,
Haseef Yusuf