Subsidise solar power

Dear Editor,
A letter writer suggested that homeowners should be offered grants to transition to solar power rather than remain on the GPL grid that cannot meet capacity. I am in agreement, since more homeowners moving away from GPL will reduce demand and end blackouts.
Solar power seems cheaper than GPL. A large consumer business on the Corentyne switched to solar almost a decade ago. The owner informed me that his electricity expenses have been halved since he came off GPL. To install solar, the initial cost is high and maybe prohibitive for low-income and middle-class homeowners. But with a government subsidy, it can be made affordable. Solar may generate enough power for home use. Any surplus can be injected into the grid to generate income for the homeowners. In the USA, many Guyanese have switched to solar with Government assistance; local and state governments offer subsidies and tax breaks for homeowners who install solar units. Homeowners are able generate income by selling surplus electricity to the power grid.
Since our Government faces serious challenges to meet demand for electricity that leads to blackouts, it should consider encouraging homeowners and businesses to try solar. Subsidies or grants should be offered to those willing to experiment with solar.
The international community, including Guyana, pledged last year in Dubai, to reduce carbon emissions produced from use of petroleum products and coal. Solar power is clean energy; it does not pollute as in the generation of power by GPL burning diesel or other pollutants that add to global warming. The country will acquire anti-global warming credits and maybe even funds from oil giants. Rather than continue to subsidise GPL, which has not been able to meet public demands, Government should now give subsidies to homeowners interested in generating power from solar energy.

Yours truly,
Vishnu Bisram